3 Ways on Metro PCS call log hack

3 Ways On Metro PCS Call Log Hack

Best 3 ways to know on metro PCS call log hack

Metro PCS is the prepaid call service provider that is the T-mobile US, Inc subsidiary. If you are the user of Metro PCS then you might know that it permits one in tracking the cell phone history as well as the credit history from the Metro PCS account. getting the call logs will definitely prove to be a lot useful in case if you are required to present those into the court and also if enquires metro PCS customer care on the call charges discrepancies. But it is not an easy process for remotely getting the call logs through the Metro PCS. Here in the post, you will see the best metro PCS call log hack so that hacking the metro PC call logs become easier.

Best 3 ways to know on metro PCS call log hack
Best 3 ways to know on metro PCS call log hack

Here are 3 ways that you must know on hacking metro PCS call log hacking-

Way 1: FreePhoneSpy – 100% easiest way to hack the call logs

Metro PCS is having an official technique that can be used for getting the phone call records. But only you will get the records of own call logs instead of other people. If you are seeking for getting the call logs recorded of others then using safer and faster metro PCS call log hack, trying FreePhoneSpy will be a suitable option. It is one of the best tools that are used for finding the call logs of an individual. FreePhoneSpy is the mobile phone monitoring and spying tool that is allowing one to retrieve call logs of the target user easily.

You do not need access to the victim metro PCS account for getting the call logs. After the FreePhoneSpy for spying on the victim is set up, you must have access to own device and get into the wizard dashboard and lo0ok at all calls info. The Metro PCS call logs hack is used for spying on OS like iPhone and Android.

For Android OS a hacker needs to download and install the app on victim phone, in case of iPhone no such thing is needed. Just you need to know icloud ID and password. FreePhoneSpy is no doubt a safest and metro PCS call logs hack because it doesn’t need undergoing android device rooting or jailbreaking iOS. But only call logs are recorded and not live sound calls are recorded.

How to hack call logs

Fill needed information-

Head into the official website of FreePhoneSpy ( and create a user account. During the process of registration, you must give the email address and password and then tap on signup option. Follow the process of wizard setup and fill the details of the target like name and age and OS.

Setup of the wizard-

  • For iOS- use icloud and password of the victim and enter it at the time of FreePhoneSpy setup process and hit on verify for icloud ID and password.
  • For android- download and install FreePhoneSpy on victim phone. After app gets installed, open it and sign in to the account. Give all essential permission that app needs and then activate the mobile monitoring.

Do remotely hacking of the call logs

Login to the FreePhoneSpy control panel and hit on calls and view the call logs of the victim.

Download FreePhoneSpy for hacking Metro PCS at:

Features of the wizard to know

  • It does the recording of call logs that is made or received from the victim device with complete details like date, time, duration, etc.
  • SMS recording is also possible with the help of this app.
  • Viewing all available multimedia files in the victim phone is possible.
  • IM apps like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, etc chats are easily spied.
  • Internet activities are also traced with this app.
  • 100% undetectable and safer to use.

Way 2: use a common way of hacking metro PCS call via online

The next way of hacking metro PCS calls logs is through online. A hacker can easily track or make a call on own device and check the time spent on every call along with the cellular charges that are incurred if not using unlimited pack.

How to hack online

To hack online you need to visit the website of Metro PCS and hit on my account link that is there above the navigation bar. Now log in to the account by entering the metro PCS username and then hit on Sign in if you don’t have the account. Create it by giving the phone as well as account security details. After you had signed into the account, hit on Metro PCS phone numbers and then choose the phone number of those calls is to be searched.

The users with weekly or monthly subscription go to the account usage and activity and call details. It will display an unlimited call usage page that will be having the information all about the phone numbers that are been called up. The users of by minute plan need to go to the account usage and activity to financial transaction and usage. It will share all the information that is related to the transaction on your accounts like data usage, calls, balance, payments, and information of call rate.

Way 3: hacking and recording the Metro PCS phone calls

Though metro PC is capable of recording the call history of Metro PCS number and it does not record the phone calls of the people. If you are looking for metro PCS call logs hacking and calls recordings, you can make the use of Google voice app. It can do the recording of only the calls that are incoming not the outgoing one and is used to do the recording of won calls. Moreover, call recording services must be enabled through the online portal of Google voice for recording metro PCS calls. To record and hacking the PCS phone calls, you must follow few steps.

Visit the Google voice official site and then hit on the menu option. Hit on setting from the list that is displayed. Under the calls part, you need to switch on incoming calls. Press 4 during a call for recording the phone calls and again press 4 for stopping the call recording.

You can download Google Voice at:


These are the 3 ways that you need to know for hacking metro PCS call logs easily.

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