2 Tips to hack Huawei Phone password

2 Tips to hack Huawei Phone password

Learn 2 tips to hack Huawei Phone password

We all know that with the greater technological advancement there are numbers of ways to secure the Huawei Smartphone. Mostly the people are having some type of security measure for protecting the device privacy like PIN password, pattern lock, alphabetic password, etc. Once the password is protecting the device, no one will be easily able to have access to the phone data without knowing the password.

Learn 2 tips to hack Huawei Phone password
Learn 2 tips to hack Huawei Phone password

What happens if you had forgotten the password of your phone? You will get locked out of the device and will not be able to have access on it. It will make your device totally unusable till you figure out the method on how to hack the password of Huawei phone. Here, in this article, you will see two effective tips that will surely help you in hacking the phone password.

Way 1: Common way of bypassing or hacking Huawei Smartphone password

Way 1: Common way of bypassing or hacking Huawei Smartphone password
Way 1: Common way of bypassing or hacking Huawei Smartphone password

If you have forgotten the password of the Huawei phone password obviously you will be very much eager to know how to hack it the password. Using the recovery mode on the Huawei phone and undergo the factory reset of the phone through bypassing lock screen password. This method is the common one to remove or bypass the lock screen password of Huawei phone. Yes, it is easier and possible to bypass the phone password; it will cost data erasing on the Huawei phone. But for those who don’t want their mobile data to get lost, this technique might not be right. But this one is the fastest way of removing lock screen password on androids or Huawei password.

Steps to hack the password through recovery mode

  • At first, you need to switch off the Huawei phone.
  • Now you need to press and hold phone power on/off button and volume up button until you see the Huawei logo appear simultaneously on the screen. This will put the device at the recovery mode.
  • Now you need to use the volume keys for navigating all the way via the recovery mode menu and then go to the factory reset or wipe data. Hit on the power button to choose it.
  • Now undergo the factory reset confirmation by hitting on yes and a device factory reset will begin up.
  • Reboot the phone and the lock screen password of the phone will get deleted. This will help you to easi8y do the android phone password hacking.

So this is the first way to hack the password of Huawei phone.

Way 2: FreePhoneSpy – Ideal way for hacking Huawei phone without data losing

Way 2: FreePhoneSpy - Ideal way for hacking Huawei phone without data losing
Way 2: FreePhoneSpy – Ideal way for hacking Huawei phone without data losing

The above-discussed method is one of the common ways of removing the lock screen from the Huawei device and then hack it. But surely it will delete all the data of the phone and will be cleaner as that of the brand new phone. If you want to hack the Huawei phone but without data losing then try FreePhoneSpy will be the right and best choice for you.

FreePhoneSpy is one of the best cell phone monitoring and spying software that is today used by the very large numbers of users for tracking an individual on the Smartphone. With the access of his tracking tool, it is really easier and possible to hack any android or Huawei phone and view all the data. There is no need of any technical data or knowledge or special skills for using the app to hack the Huawei phone without data losing. One of the biggest benefits of using this phone tracking tool is that anyone can use it to hack the Huawei device without facing much hassle.

Steps to hack the Huawei phone with data loss

  • Creating FreePhoneSpy user account- A user needs to get into the official website ( of the FreePhoneSpy and then create a user account. After the account is successfully created, fill the essential details like name, age, and device operating system. Now you need to set up the target person phone as per the operating system. The two different options are namely iPhone and Android.
  • Setting up in Huawei deviceTo hack the Huawei phone, it is essential to install the app on the targeted person Huawei phone. Even if you don’t know the password of the phone you can remotely hack the data in the victim phone without them to get the idea of tracking. Go to the setting and to the security and then on enable source option. After done with it, download and install the app from its homepage. After the app is successfully installed, hit on grant and allow option. Now tap on the option of start monitoring to begin up with the process of mobile phone activities monitoring. But do not forget to hide the icon of the app to stay untraced.
  • View all activities through control panelAfter completed with the processes that are mentioned above go to the control panel of the app and then view all mobile phone activities. Just hit on the services options given one by one and spy remotely on Huawei phone.

Features of the FreePhoneSpy

  • Calls managing The app is capable of tracking all call logs that includes dialed, received, missed and deleted one. All the details of the calls like time, date, duration, contacts involved, etc will be displayed.
  • Tracking text messages This cell phone monitoring app allows you in reading all the text messages that are normally sent/received and of IM apps as well. All the messages with full info will be viewable.
  • GPS location hacking FreePhoneSpy can be also set up for hacking the GPS location of the targeted person device and get to know whereabouts of him or her.
  • Monitoring internet usage-Through the assistance of this app a hacker can view all URLs and content downloaded.
  • Accessing address book- The app will hack on the mobile address book and will see the list of contacts with full info like person name, number, and other details if added.
  • View multimedia files- All the multimedia files like videos, GIFs, image, photos will be spied completely available in the device.


So set up the phone in targeted person Huawei phone and get all the details of it without missing anything that you must know.

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