10 Ways to Track a Cell Phone Without Them Knowing

10 Ways to Track a Cell Phone Without Them Knowing
10 Ways to Track a Cell Phone Without Them Knowing
Review: 10 Ways to Track a Cell Phone Without Them Knowing
  • #1 FreePhoneSpy
  • #2 TheTruthSpy
  • #3 GuestSpy
  • #4 SpyZee
  • #5 PhoneSpying
  • #6 Mobistealth
  • #7 Spy bubble
  • #8 Spyera
  • #9 PhoneSheriff
  • #10 Spyzie
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Ten Ways to Track a Cell Phone without allowing them to Know

Today, there are lots of free cell phone applications that are available online and it can be downloaded and installed easily from the official site. It can track social network as well as file sharing. People have to confront various challenging problems. Best cell phone tracking offers reviews that are essential in knowing what sort of service the application offers. These applications are ranked top ten globally and it can be used as a tracking option which is highly valuable. You can find extensive customer reviews on the site that enable you to know how the tools got created.

Ten Ways to Track a Cell Phone without allowing them to Know
Ten Ways to Track a Cell Phone without allowing them to Know

Some of the applications might have similar functions and features that are easy to distinguish. The software is highly powerful that allows the user to experience a higher level of tracking. Cell phone tracking helps one to spy and track the suspect cell phone. It even helps the user to recover the lost data. The tool embraces new and advances technology that helps in accessing kid, spouse or employee data. The manufacturer and brand developer has created it in such a way that it works well on all sorts of devices starting from iPhone, android, and nook. Read the guide and know which application will suit your need and budget the best.

Top ten cell phone tracking applications without allowing them to know:

The application has a prime focus on tracking the activities of the target rather than just bringing half information. It continuously brings information from the target cell phone. Without harming your cell phone, it protects your data from exposure. Read about all the applications that have become a part of the top ten tracking tools. These tools help your kid, spouse, and employee.

#1 FreePhoneSpy

#1 FreePhoneSpy
#1 FreePhoneSpy

One of the most powerful software in the world used for tracking is FreePhoneSpy. It can track IM messages, calls, SMS, and other things as well. The FreePhoneSpy is the most unswerving application that offers easy operation of the features. It doesn’t lack parental control feature compared to other applications. This is the prominent advantage for the users as the parents can keep an eye over their little kid. So, whenever the kid meets any theft or danger, the application will send an alert to the parents stating your kid is in danger. Other special features can be known from the official site (https://freephonespy.net/install-free-phone-spy/).

#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy
#2 TheTruthSpy

This application is rated at the second position as it is reliable as well as safe spy application in the market. It is capable of tracking a suspect device and monitor videos, images, and social media chats. This phone tracker is excellent and anyone can read its reviews to know more about it. The features offered might be basic or advanced depending on the purpose and need of the user. It has the capability to track suspect device efficiently thus controlling the information present on it. It is officially being regarded as the top 10 spying tool used for tracking.

#3 GuestSpy

#3 GuestSpy
#3 GuestSpy

Another mind-blowing application for spouse and parents is GuestSpy. As the name itself suggest it snoop like a guest in someone’s cell phone and brings information at the fingertips of the user. It pops up real-time accurate information. The application is also known to offer reliable customer support. It has got the best phone spying reviews. For millions of users, it is the base of the tracking. Check out the free trial version and get the most out of it.

#4 SpyZee

It is known to be the outstanding application as per the reviews. It has got its popularity because of the excellent pace. Just like other software, it offers various features that would reap accurate and precise results. The results are the outcome of the tracking. The application is quite remarkable and it helps the users to stay known with the accurate information and data about the kid’s whereabouts.

#5 PhoneSpying

Another spying tool that remains effective and popular in the market is PhoneSpying. It comes at the third position in the list. It is easy to handle and is reliable. It can effectively track iPhone and android. One of the special and innovative features is GPS location. The application can be afforded easily and it offers several pricing plans. However, it is known that it offers a basic free trial version as well for the newcomers. The newcomers thus have an experience of it and later they can decide which premium pack will suit them the best. It can bring information from social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This way you won’t be able to miss any information and stay updated with the recent information.

#6 Mobistealth

In different ways, the Mobistealth can track a suspect cell phone. It comes under the best and trustworthy phone tracking application. Geographical position system enables the user to track a suspect in real time. Thus this eradicates conventional or traditional methods like being around the suspect all the time. It doesn’t lack in features thus brings the application to the fifth position. It provides advanced features that make your spying task much easier.

#7 Spy bubble

This is one of the groundbreaking application that has covered the market with much of the popularity. It has the ability to monitor calls, emails, IM chats, etc. It also offers a text command service that allows the user to use the feature more efficiently. You can use the tool to snoop in kid, employee or spouse cell phone.

#8 Spyera

The Spyera is considered the anti-theft application that has the capability to track cell phone and save the suspect in a case they got stuck in danger. For example, your kid is out and being a parent you always worry what the kid might be doing and to whom he or she might be with. This all questions can be answered using this tool. You thus know the entire situation happening around the kid. The unique features are the bread and butter of the application. It lacks in offering the free trial version however the purchasing of the plans is much easy. You can pick any of the plans that suit your need the most and then apply the features to gather the information.

#9 PhoneSheriff

The next application that comes in the list of top ten tracking application is the PhoneSheriff. It offers easy monitoring and great features to the users. It has got the ability to snoop ongoing, outgoing phone calls, SMS, and emails. The location can be hacked easily using GPS location tracking. It can be applied to the employees due to who the productivity of the company is decreasing. It works in stealth mode unlike other applications hence there is no chance of being caught.

#10 Spyzie

This software is used to snoop in your employee’s cell phone. It happens many times that the employees just gossip and waste the time when it is the time to do the task. So, being an employer it is your duty to know why productivity is down. When you have identified the reason you can warn the employees and so the company productivity can be improved. It can also be used to keep an eye over the spouse. Your relationship might be at the brim of the corners you can save it through this tool.


These are the top phone tracking software that helps the user to get familiarize with the whereabouts of the kids, spouse, and employees. Different spying tools offer different features so it is recommended to pick the most powerful and effective one.