3 tips to track text messages from Android phone

3 Tips To Track Text Messages From Android Phone

Best 3 tips to track text messages from android phone

My duty is to help you out in track the text messages from the Android device. Also, I want to get familiar with the new generation of spy tool that is text message tracker. It will let you get the chance to ensure business protection and family member’s protection no matters whether you are living in a super city or a small township. There is no other way to ensure safety rather than using the hidden spy tool. There are many spy tools available in the market and only paid one will guarantee you 100% confidentiality and hidden process of spying cellular activities.

Best 3 tips to track text messages from android phone
Best 3 tips to track text messages from android phone

What is remote text message tracker

So what actually a text message tracker is? It is the application that is installed on a mobile device like Android or iPhone. It is working in a stealth mode for the use of the tracker. It can be used in a better way like-

  • It helps a business person to check whether the business secret is not shared by the employee secretly with other or bank account details.
  • It helps the spouse to check with whom partner is so long engaged in phone and what talks are going on.
  • Check what type of conversation is going through chatting of kids with others.

If you are interested in doing the text message tracking of android device, it can be possibly done by the help of reliable and trustworthy android phone spying tool. It is not possible for them to every time to head into the phone for looking at the messages. In order to do so, it becomes essential for one to install the spy tool on the mobile phone to get access to all the messages. Once you got all the information about the messages shared, you will be able to see the type of chatting going on along with sender and receiver details.

There are many things that the text messages spy tracker can do. It permits a user in tracking the information about the cellular activities full in details. A user will be able to get all the information like date and time. The app is 100% untraceable and target user will not be able to figure out that they are being spied. Not even a single text message will be missed. The tracking tool can be installed secretly on an android phone and a hacker will know text logs, multimedia logs, phone logs, GPS location, IM conversations, etc.

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Here are the top 3 tips to track the text messages from the Android phone

#1 FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy is an internet-based mobile phone tracking software that is developed for Android as well as iphone. Getting busy with this tool a hacker can easily protect the children from harmful threats. It is protecting the kids from accessing an inappropriate site through an internet browser. A user needs to create a user account to experience using this tracking tool. It is not limited to a few services but also one can access call history, SMS, GPS location and many other innovative features.

The app is having a greater ability to track an android device. It is one of the best options for worried parents to know about the activities of kids in their Smartphone. The app is will collect the data no matter whether switched on or off. If you are seeking for searching for such tool then FreePhoneSpy, as it is available at easy to affordable rates and every pocket, is easily suited.

Steps to use it

  • Configuration- At first before the app is downloaded makes sure that the victim phone is having good internet connection through GPRS or Wi-Fi. Also, enable the unknown source to allow non-market app installation.
  • Install the app- Download and install the FreePhoneSpy on the victim device from ( Hit on Signup for registering new user account using valid email address and password. Once the app is successfully installed on the victim device, hide it to stay undetectable. Get to control panel of the wizard and view all tracking information. Login using the email address and password that you had used for signing up to view all the data.

Features of the spy tool

  • Spy callsFreePhoneSpy allows you in reading out all the incoming and outgoing calls details completely. It helps a user in getting all the details of calls like date, time, call maker/receiver and duration.
  • Text message tracking- With the help of FreePhoneSpy a hacker can easily keep full track of all the outbound, inbound and deleted text messages. All the details including text content, date, time and name/number of sender/receiver will be displayed on the control panel.
  • Reading emails- This feature of spy tool let you in reading emails that are sent and received. Many times employees are sending the personal mail through it so the employer can check the emails.
  • GPS tracking With the help of this feature of the app you can know where the targeted person is currently. Also, the details about his or her previous location can be figured out with the name of places visited, date, date and time.
  • Social chat monitoring- Social chat monitoring is the best way to monitor all chats done on Whatsapp, facebook messenger, iMessage, Viber, WeChat, etc.

Why this tool is listed on the top

  • No need to follow the hacker- This app allows the hacker to spy on the victim with full comforts without stepping out of the home. Just like remote of TV a hacker and use his/her mobile phone and remotely spy on all activities of the targeted person.
  • Always remain hidden- The app is developed in such a way that it works in a hidden mode and works effectively at the device background. So a hacker can without any worries can spy continually without deleting the app from own device.

#2 TheTruthSpy


This is a highly advanced spy tool that is having a collection of many good and useful features that enables a user in tracking the activity of targeted user completely. The app is fully invisible and it remotely monitors all the cellular actions done by the suspected user. The app is having a greater ability to track all the information, messages on the victim device in real time. Surely a user will like the amazing features provided by the app that makes a hacker spy like a professional.

It is easy to download and install the app and a user will get all extracted data from the control panel of the app of this wizard. The thing that you will like the most is that it is available for easy to affordable costs.


  • Call/SMS Spy
  • IM app chat spy
  • Multimedia file spy
  • GPS location tracking
  • Internet history spy
  • Remote controlling

#3 GuestSpy


This app permits a user in spying phone activities in the hidden mode of the victim user. The best thing about the app is that a user need not have to worry about undergoing rooting of the device. This tool is compatible with all the version of the android phone. This hacking tool is highly preferred because of user-friendliness, 100% safer, easy to affordable, fast workability.


  • Tracking calls/text messages
  • Whatsapp, facebook messages chat spy
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Keylogger
  • Access address book


So you have looked at top 3 tips for tracking text messages from the Android phone, get it now and spy hassle freely.

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