How your phone can be hacked

How Your Phone Can Be Hacked

How your phone can be hacked by using FreePhoneSpy and making a phone call

Are you thinking about the possibilities of your phone being hacked by just a phone call? So, the answer to this question is yes, why not. The technology has taken leaps and from the already set boundaries and has made this possible. So yes, a phone can be hacked by just calling on it. If you receive a call from an unknown number who is not known to you and does not relate to anything near you, then possibly he might be the hacker. He must be using FreePhoneSpy that is used to hack a phone by just calling on it. You can also install this app from this URL:

How your phone can be hacked by using FreePhoneSpy and making a phone call
How your phone can be hacked by using FreePhoneSpy and making a phone call

Features of FreePhoneSpy for hacking Phone Call

Actually, it is a spyware which targets on a phone by just making a call to someone cell phone. It works even when the phone is protected by strong passwords. It is just an amazing way to spy on anyone’s cell phone without doing much. All you have to do is make a phone call and the work will be done. After this one-time call that you received or you did it to someone, the GPS (if enabled), live SMS, all the call records and the live calls, saved photos of all the folders, videos of every extension, the mobile data, documents (if any), and even the microphone, all can be accessed of yours or by you.

Also, you cannot detect it or trace it if something like this happens to you. And if you do that with someone, then you are absolutely safe. For instance- you want to hack your husband’s phone, so you can do this by just calling from an unknown number with this application installed. The husband won’t even come to know even if he found out that his phone is hacked. Other than that, you would be completely untraceable. So, use it safely for your work and do not do anything intentional with it because that would be considered as illegal then.

How to prevent your phone hacked by someones

But what if you received a call and your phone got hacked by someone and you found out that something is wrong with your phone. Don’t worry, just clear all the cache firstly. Do all these things in the settings section and clear the cache data of your mobile fully. Now, when this has been done, you will need to reboot your phone. This will lead to the loss of control of the caller on your phone. In this way, you can neutralize such breaches because it is most likely for you to be called again by the same caller. So, be careful and avoid such calls.

While this is also claimed that these things are impossible as how could a phone be hacked by just calling on it but there have been some cases that prove that these things are possible. There was an incident of a bank transfer that was not done by the account holder but he received a call and this happened. So, this is absolutely possible. Yes, your phone can be hacked by just a call.

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