How to track a cell phone with just the number

How To Track A Cell Phone With Just The Number

How to track a cell phone with just the number – Is it easy or difficult

Cell phone tracking becomes more common in these days, and you can read/watch the news in which cyber crimes are increasing rapidly. Cyber crimes basically created through the technical or virtual devices such as mobile phone, computers, and tablets. Decades ago, the computer users were more than the mobile phone users, but at present, the situation is completely vice versa. Currently, a mobile phone includes a variety of features and delivers great services, therefore, kids, teens, adult and old people use a mobile phone regularly. The cell phone has become the primary thing of everyone’s life.

How to track a cell phone with just the number - Is it easy or difficult
How to track a cell phone with just the number – Is it easy or difficult

Using the mobile phone takes people to experience great facility, experience world-class communication services and much more. Behind these achievements of technology, there are several demerits are available. Hence, people can need to use such technology that can help them to monitor someone or catch cheats, or prevent them from performing any unwanted things. Also, they need the technology that can help their family members in making distance with cyber criminal activities.

The solution is available for people in the form of latest technical support which is known as spy software. Spy software basically a mobile application software which is developed to track or monitor someone using their cell phone. At present, more than 80% people keep their cell phone near to them while they are sleeping, at work, while driving and else. Also, people use a mobile phone to communicate with someone, performs internet activities and much more. So, if you track their cell phone, cell phone activities, then you can get more close to them. You can easily understand their cell phone activities and prevent them to perform any cyber criminal activities.

This technique is not only suitable to track someone, but it is beneficial for you when you are willing to catch cheats on you. The spy software is basically a mobile application which is compatible with different mobile operating system. That means you can download or install the spyware on victim’s Android or iPhone device.

Working of tracking a cell phone with just the number

Spyware can be installed on Android and iPhone where each mobile application keeps their individual folder into main memory. The spy app basically programmed in a manner that it collects data or information from the main memory or secondary memory of the mobile phone. Hence, once you installed the spyware on victim’s cell phone, it catches each data folder, data file, and information, such as media files, chat information, message store folders, images, and other large files. After collecting the data it backups the file, and sends to the particular server. The server is relevant to FreePhoneSpy relevant website.

With few formalities, you can access the website; enter into the site with a log in id and password then access the transferred data. In the website, you can analyze the dashboard in which you can find a long list of different features and services. It may be right to say that the spy app is best virtual private informer or detective that can help to monitor someone. While people are going to track someone’s cell phone using the spy app, then some questions arise on their mind. Some of the legal questions are below in the content that can help you in secure or doubt free tracking.

Is there a possibility to track a cell phone with just number?

Spy app basically sends the collected data using through the internet network. If the user does not have any internet connection, then it is impossible to get any digital data or information on the dashboard. But the right spy app allows trackers to identify small but important information of the victim with just their number. If the victim has switched off their internet data, then you cannot update the dashboard information, but you can monitor their service provider’s network activities.

The SIM card he/she is used has the unique number, and this utilizes the service provider’s network. Once you installed the spyware on victim’s cell phone, it catches network information and sends to the dashboard via phone network. It basically cannot transfers any data, but the location of a victim can be transferred easily. On the other hand, spyware collects IMEI information of the cell phone and sends to the dashboard. So, it is right to say the spyware works better than other hacking techniques because it does not require any technical operations.

The tracker will be helpless in the condition where the victim has turned off internet connection, do not have any wifi network, thrown away the SIM cards. In that situation, a user cannot track victim, but when the connection is turned on, you can track the victim again. Instead of phone number tracking, the spyware provides different ways of tracking and enable you to identify each thing performed by a victim.

How to install the spyware on victim’s cell phone?

To track someone using their cell phone or their mobile number you, you first need to install the spyware on victim’s cell phone. Therefore, you need to know the cell phone’s operating system whether it is Android, and iOS based cell phone. Once you identify the OS, then you can easily install the spy tool on victims’ cell phone?

For Android OS

Tracker needs to access victim’s cell phone personally for 5 to 10 minutes. When you get the phone personally, you need to silently access their app store, search the particular spy app name then press on next. A long list will appear in front of you where you need to install the right one. If the spy app which you want is not available at the app store, then you need to visit the particular app site then download the latest or compatible version according to the mobile OS version.

The package is small enough that can be downloaded within 2-3 minutes if the internet connection is low. Now, you can install the app, register yourself with username and create a password. Now, you need to provide the administrative control over the spy app then press on hiding icon to make the app invisible. After completing each task, you should delete the entire history created by you. This will lead you to be away from catching.

For iOS

If the victim has a cell phone which is based on iOS, then you just need to access their iStore and download/install the spyware. If the compatible or the trusted spyware is not available in the iStore, then you can access the particular website. Now, the installing process is similar to the previous one.

Is there any additional activities take place while installing spyware?

If you are looking to monitor someone, or track someone using their cell phone number, then you must install the spyware on victim’s cell phone. The installing technique has explained above but sometime’s user need to perform some other technical operations. These are rooting and jail breaking for Android and iOS respectively. These techniques are implemented for about similar reasons.

For Android: the spy app has the hide option after installing the app on the victim’s cell phone. Sometime’s the Android OS prevent any operations which are running on background. Also, to get parental control over the spy app requires administrative control over the spy app. Therefore, a user needs to perform rooting that enables spy app to have parental control over a cell phone, smooth background process and much more.

For iOS: Mac/iOS and iphones are said to be the most secure platform ever in mobile technology. Once you installed the spy software on iphone the parental control panel prevent any spying operations. Hence, you need to perform jail breaking in order to get smooth background operations, parental control over a cell phone and else.

These both jail breaking and rooting processes are replaced by the best spyware. At present, you can find the spyware which is programmed to run smoothly on background, have administrative control over a cell phone and else. Now, you can choose the best spyware among thousands and perform hacking activities.

How to purchase free and premium features of spyware?

Free features of any spyware you can experience when you download the application. For premium features, you can find a number of ways to buy it. You can use internet banking, debit & credit card, cash wallets, pay pal, and much more. Buying any spy app has become more flexible than you can have the spyware in the least of cost or discounted price using any cash wallets.

Can user track multiple cell phones with a single account?

Many users want to hack more than one cell phone because there is a probability of victim’s uses more than one cell phone. Also, tracker wants to track more than one victim in order to catch cheats on him/her. In this case, the monitor has to choose the spyware which enables to track more than one victim. The spyware is usually capable of tracking 3 devices simultaneously. On the dashboard, you can experience different cell phone tracking operations. That means you can track three cell phones for similar or different users.

How to choose right spyware or Software Company?

Before going to buy the spyware, you must ensure about the software company. The company includes some reputation and delivers right services and provides great features so you should buy their products. So, the right spyware or the products are directly promotional to their developing organization. You should analyze some most important phenomenon to ensure the company/product is best or not are-

  • Licensed organization
  • Legal or licensed developments (spyware)
  • Reputation in industry
  • Deliver right services and includes great features
  • 100% guarantee to perform undetectable tracking and else

These are the common properties you must watch before going to buy any spyware form any organization. Choosing the right platform tends you to have the best spyware.

Is installation is possible without having a cell phone?

More Features track a cell phone with just the number
More Features track a cell phone with just the number

No, actually no one can install the spyware without having victim’s cell phone. But there are some techniques that help users to install the spy app on victim’s cell phone without having it. The user needs to hire the software company which uses different techniques. The company sends different promotional, advertisements, discount and else mail or texts on victims cell phone. Once the victim gets attract towards the offer or download the package, he/she is actually installing the spyware. Hence, it can be right to say, installing the spyware remotely can be possible.

Hence, among the thousands of legal questions, you can read these common questions. These can lead you to have the undetectable tracking through only mobile number or else. Instead of tracking the mobile number, the spy app delivers a number of features such as-

  • You can access GPS location of a victim
  • Text message monitoring: Read inbox, Sent items, and Draft texts
  • Calendar notes details: Current events, Birth dates,
  • Event, quotes, and memo information stored in cell phone
  • Social networking site or app information
  • Key logger identification access
  • Media file access
  • Read contact or phonebook details
  • Auto answer, spy call, fake call and similar others
  • Ambient recording or use the cell phone as the voice recorder
  • Real time alert of any feature
  • Turn on/off notification
  • Parental control over cell phone
  • Remotely control some phone features
  • Hacking through cell phone number
  • Hacking through the IMEI number

These are the most common and best features you will analyze once you select the spy app for monitoring someone. Tracking someone’s cell phone using the spy app is more frequent, easy and cost effective. Also, it does not require any technical skills, computer language knowledge, mobile app operation proficiency and else. Therefore, people use the spyware instead of hacking the cell phone in order to access someone’s confidential information using their cell phone. Users who want to hack someone’s cell phone using a phone number, IMEI number or SPY app want to know some reasons online. Before getting the spy app, they basically want to understand for what reasons they can use the spy app.

Thousands of reasons user can find, but some of the common reasons are listed below in the content in order to hack someone’s cell phone.

Catch spouse cheats: besides thousands of mobile phone advantages, is one of the demerits that spouse use cell phone to talk with other. They hide any information with their life partner and perform unwanted activities with someone else. If anyone doubts on his/her, then he/she catch cheats on you using the spy app.

Analyze business partner reliability: Sometimes business partner’s cheats in order to create any loss on business and want to sell their business shares to another one. This may lead to having additional loss on the business. Therefore, business partners want to track their business partners and monitor their activities. There, spy app plays a major role in order to know the reliability of someone, i.e., business partners.

Child monitoring: today, cell phones are most common among the kids or teens as they want to be always connected with other. Also, the free internet services, low-cost cell phone with some features take them to use unwanted sites, social media apps/sites and else. Therefore, parents should have to monitor their kids using the spy app.

Employee monitoring: Some of the spy app offers their users to monitor more than one victim. This feature takes a business owner to monitor their fake employees. They can leak some business strategy, business relevant confidential information, etc. in this case, a business owner can install spyware and hack their communication history at own PC.

Advantages of using spyware

Spyware is one of the mobile applications which offer users to track someone, even he/she has turned off the internet connection. That means the spyware tracks victim if he/she has mobile phone network. The user just needs to search victim’s mobile number and their limited details will be on user’s dashboard. Instead of it, user can experience various benefits as-

  • Can find the lost cell phone using the GPS technology
  • Can monitor child, monitor their internet activities, access their internet browser’s history and else
  • User can access victim’s social networking sites/app information such as chat information, media files, shared documents, GIF files and much more
  • Parents can prevent their kids to perform any cyber criminal activities
  • Other major benefits of using the spy app are the spyware backups the cell phone. It collects the entire data available on internal and external storage then backups the data. So, it prevents any data loss, such as contact loss, email and text loss or else.

Hence, it is right to say that the spyware such as TheTruthSpy ( is a complete hacking tool that delivers great services, a number of features and desired benefits. You just need to install the spy app personally or remotely on someone’s cell phone then you can trap important data easily. No need to perform any technical skills, computer skills or any hacking idea. With small payment, you can buy premium services and features. Before installing any spy app read their reviews, positive and negative feedbacks and much more.

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