Top 5 Free Cell Phone Spy Apps 2018

Top 5 Free Cell Phone Spy Apps

What Are The Top 5 Free Cell Phone Spy Apps

It is a challenging task when you are selecting the right mobile spy apps as there are lots of options available in the market. In addition, you have to check out the reviews of different options and then select the right one. The major trouble which a person can face is that if you subscribe to the bad mobile spy apps and even you can’t even get the refund. But don’t worry, we have a list of favorite mobile spy apps through which your task can become bit easy.

What Are The Top 5 Free Cell Phone Spy Apps
What Are The Top 5 Free Cell Phone Spy Apps

With the guide, you can compare the options which we have mentioned and then select the best according to your needs. Let us begin, and you can carefully select your option.

Here are Top 5 Free Cell Phone Spy Apps

  • #1 FreePhoneSpy
  • #2 Phone Tracker
  • #3 Phone Spying
  • #4 NetSpy
  • #5 TheTruthSpy

#1 FreePhoneSpy

#1 FreePhoneSpy
#1 FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy is the leading solution through which you can spy mobile apps for free. It is an excellent combination of monitoring features and advanced spying. It is the tracking an option that is comprised of the broad variety which is going to provide you with the quality as well as affordability.

It also offers the other feature which includes monitoring the phone calls, instant messenger chat, and messages. It comprises the GPS location tracking which will help in monitoring the browsing and easily control the target phone with the remote.

#2 Phone Tracker

#2 Phone Tracker
#2 Phone Tracker

The next spy app on the list is Phone Tracker. The name will suggest that it is the tracking app, but it comprises the advanced spying features. You can easily monitor the Phonebook, calls, messages, web browsing history which you can easily monitor through the remote.

One can easily track the phone in most of the cases. It is actually a cheap solution which is best to monitor the phone of employees and kids.

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#3 Phone Spying

#3 Phone Spying
#3 Phone Spying

Here comes another mobile spy app which can help in monitoring the target phone of the person. You can quickly read all the messages of the victim without even having a hint to the owner of the cell phone. The features included are Geofencing, web browsing history, GPS tracking, and keylogger. It is the spying app which is easily capable of the complete stealth mode.

You don’t have to go through the jailbreak to complete the work. It offers you with some of the sophisticated features which include video preview and capturing the screenshot.

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#4 NetSpy

It is one of the best mobile spy apps which is available in the market. It comprises of a broad range of features. You will find that there are three different packages available which start from the beginner to the advanced level. You can select the one according to your needs.

The significant features which are included are the application list, keylogging, call recording and Gmail logging. It is the excellent way which offers you with the computer and mobile monitoring as it is the best choice for the business owners.


#5 TheTruthSpy

The next app on the list is the TheTruthSpy which is available to check the status of employees and to protect the family. It comprises some of the distinct features which will let you to even track the video call on the mobile phone. You can even take the free trial through which you can take a practical decision.


Which Free Cell Phone Spy Is The Best

The best one which we recommend you is the one which is reliable, affordable and comprises of the great feature. You can check the mentioned feature and select the one which satisfies your need. We recommend you to go for the FreePhoneSpy due to several reasons which include:

  • Customer Support: customer support for the FreePhoneSpy is really reliable. They are going to provide you with the live support on the chat. It is the website which will offer you with the tutorials and live demonstration.
  • Compatibility: FreePhoneSpy is the latest technology which can efficiently work on the android, iPhone and iPad.

These are some of the facts through which we recommend you to select it.

What Are The Features To Consider When Selecting The Free Mobile Spying App

What Are The Features To Consider When Selecting The Free Mobile Spying App
What Are The Features To Consider When Selecting The Free Mobile Spying App

There are specific features which a person can select when thinking to select the right mobile spying app. You can check the mentioned features and take a practical decision.

  • Quality and price should co-relate: you should consider that the cheap app will comprise of the cheap features and the pricey app will provide you with the quality features. It doesn’t mean that you are opting for the costly one. If the app is going to provide with the great features in affordable pricing, then you can even select it.
  • Compatibility: when it comes to the compatibility then make sure that you are selecting the right one through which the app is appropriately compatible on your mobile phone whether it is iPhone or Android.
  • Tracking the location: GPS tracking system is the excellent option which will help you to track the location of the target mobile phone. A mobile spying phone is a crucial feature which must be present in the mobile spying app.
  • Have the feature to work in stealth mode: as it comprises of the spying software, then it should have a proper function which also works in the discrete mode. The app should be installed correctly on the target device which will help you to track it accurately.

These are some of the preferred features which a person should select when purchasing the right mobile spying app which is free to use effectively without any problem.

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Selection Of The Right Company

It is essential that you are selecting the right company through which you can avail the quality services. Before, you purchase the app from any of the company then make sure that you are doing your proper homework for making the right choice. Be selective in your approach through which you can select the right spying app. Check the support of the customer and reviews which will help in selecting the right company.

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