Top 5 Best Spywares for iPhone and iPad

5 Leading Spywares For iPhone and iPad

The development of science and technology has led us to enter the digital age. Communication has changed the traditional way and it highly relies on the Internet and advanced gadgets. Discovery comes with its pros and cons and you can realise the importance of monitoring personal activities of your kids or anyone else on their phone.

5 Leading Spywares For iPhone and iPad in 2018
5 Leading Spywares For iPhone and iPad

Spyware comes in form of a software/ app and it is used for monitoring purposes. You can find hundreds of spyware tools; but, there are only a few apps to fulfil your requirements effectively. Our experts have prepared a list of the most effective spyware for iPad and iPhone that will help you choose the best spyware.

#1 Best Free Spyware FreePhoneSpy

#1 Best Free Spyware FreePhoneSpy
#1 Best Free Spyware FreePhoneSpy

If you are looking for the most effective spyware for your iOS device, you have probably come across the name of FreePhoneSpy. It is one of the most effective spyware tools available in the present market. It comes with several outstanding features that make it highly acceptable spyware app. If you are looking for the best monitoring app to monitor your employees, children or spouse, this is the one-stop solution. You can access emails, messages, calls, activities on the social networking sites and many more using this application. There are many people who think using spyware are illegal, but it is not true and you have to follow several steps to spy on the data from your device.

Spy from your iPhone

The app comes with some of the most advanced features through which you can easily monitor your employees, children, and spouse. You can access the details of their calls, SMS, browsing history and many more just after the installation. You just require an Internet connection to avail the details of other devices.

Advanced Features

FreePhoneSpy comes with some exclusive features that improve your spying experience and you can record others’ data without informing them.

Live Voice Recording

The app allows live voice recording through which you can monitor the surrounding sounds of the targeted device and you can get it on your device as well.

Call Recording

FreePhoneSpy allows you to record any call from your targeted device. Once you press the record button it starts recording and you can also save the clip on your device.

Monitor Text Messages

Now you can access the text and multimedia messages from the targeted device anytime. The advanced features will allow your access to the deleted messages too. We hope you can assume the advantages of this app and if you are looking for a similar app, don’t forget to try this out.

FreePhoneSpy also offers additional features like monitoring on the social media, GPS, access to the contacts, browsing and downloads and notifications that make it the most effective spyware for iPhone and iPad.

Start Tracking

You can just a step away and you can start tracking by following these three steps. First, sign up on the platform and choose your ID and password and then download the app on the targeted devices and hide it. The final step is to log in from your account and you can easily access to the activities of the targeted phones.

#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy
#2 TheTruthSpy


TheTruthSpy is another popular web-based phone monitoring app that is used to monitor activities on the phone. Most of the users use spyware to monitor their kids’ activity or employees within an organization. TheTruthSpy is highly reliable to monitor any iOS device as you don’t have to install any apps on the targeted device. Unlike many apps, you won’t have to hide any app from any device; you can access the monitored data from any device using the Internet.

Features of TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy comes with several advanced features that make it one of the most popular spyware. Here are the key features:

Phone Calls and SMS

TheTruthSpy allows the users to monitor the phone calls and SMS from the targeted device. Now, you can access the incoming calls, outgoing calls, and messages remotely from any devices.


TheTruthSpy offers several advanced monitoring features and apps monitoring is one of them. The spyware allows you to go through the installed apps. Moreover, you can also access the photos and videos and download them on your device.

Browsing History

Spying on the browsing history is important if you are monitoring someone. TheTruthSpy allows it users to spy on the browsing history of your targeted device anytime. Make sure to have an Internet connection to do this.

Files on the Device

TheTruthSpy permits to go through all types of file including pictures, audio and videos from your targeted device. If you want to download the files, you can download without informing them. This tool is very effective to spy on the kids and now you can get rid of the tension regarding their online activity forever.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world and TheTruthSpy allows you to spy on WhatsApp chats as well. Now, access WhatsApp chats anytime from your device with TheTruthSpy.

Calendar and Notes

TheTruthSpy ensures your access to the notes and calendar of the targeted device and you can get it anytime on your smartphone.


TheTruthSpy comes with numerous features that offer various advantages to the people. It is one of the most popular spyware apps for iOS and here are the reasons behind its popularity.


Whenever you decide to use a spyware, security comes to first place. TheTruthSpy uses a secure way for storing the data from targeted iOS device and hence it is widely accepted by the users.

Technical Support

Technical support is essential whenever it comes to spyware. TheTruthSpy provides excellent technical support for the users for a pleasing experience on the platform.

No Additional Apps For Installation

TheTruthSpy comes with exclusive monitoring features and you don’t have to install additional apps on the targeted device in order to monitor the data. It is very simple and you just have to sign up and then log in and you can access the targeted device anytime, anywhere.

Competitive Pricing

Present business scenario indicates a highly competitive environment and TheTruthSpy comes with a reasonable price tag that drags the attention.

#3 Free Phone Tracker

#3 Free Phone Tracker
#3 Free Phone Tracker


Free Phone Tracker is one of the most powerful and non-intrusive spyware for iOS. The mobile spy app comes with an all-in-one solution for spying on your workers, kids or anyone else in an effective way. Phone Tracker is emerging as one of the most popular mobile spyware as it offers advanced spying solutions. There are different reasons behind its popularity and here are some advantages of Phone Tracker.

Access Contacts and Calls

Phone Tracker allows the users to access all calls and contacts of the targeted devices easily. Now accessing their calls and conversations is easier, the app additionally allows you check each and every call log in a reader-friendly manner.

Access IM Chats and SMS

Now get rid of various troubles and monitor your kids or loved ones anywhere and anytime. Access the chats, messages, social media messages with the help of Phone Tracker.

Emails and Other Online Activities

If you are about to monitor your workers or children, it is important to be aware of their online activities. Phone Tracker allows you to go through the emails and other online activities from the targeted devices.


Phone Tracker supports Global Positioning System and it will help you know the actual location of the targeted device. You can also check the location history by using this feature.

Files on the Device

Whenever you monitor someone, it is important to check the files on their devices. Phone Tracker allows checking and downloading the data from the targeted device. Moreover, you can also control the device with remote commands from your device.

Live Recordings

Phone Tracker comes with a unique feature of live recording. Now spy on the targeted devices and listen to their conversations on the phone and in real life.

Remote Control

Phone Tracker offers an advanced remote control feature with their app. Now you can send remote commands to the targeted devices.

24*7 Alerts

You can get instant alerts whenever the several specific words are used on the targeted devices. Now you can control and protect your loved ones from real-world abuse with such advanced features.

#4 GuestSpy

#4 GuestSpy
#4 GuestSpy


Whenever you discuss the most efficient spyware for iPhone and iPad, GuestSpy comes at the first queue. GuestSpy comes with advanced security and numerous features that make it reliable spy software for iOS devices. If you are looking for an effective monitoring solution, make sure to check the features of this app.

The spyware is one of the most recognized apps and you can get numerous advantages like:

Accessing the Phone Calls and Messages

Accessing the messages and details of the calls are important when you are spying on someone. Now get the details of call logs and messages from the target devices with the help of GuestSpy. You can also control calls and messages from your devices at the same time.

Events and Contacts

If you decide to follow and spy on someone’s activity, it is important to get aware of their calendar entries in order to make out their actions. Get the details of calendar activities and contacts from the targeted device and keep yourself updated about their activities.

Web Activity and WhatsApp Chat

Checking the browsing history and other web activities are important for monitoring. GuestSpy allows the users to check the browsing history and bookmarks of the target devices. Moreover, you can also access the WhatsApp chat, multimedia and call logs.


You can check and download the files from the target devices with the help of GuestSpy.

Instant Alerts

Now you can safeguard your loved ones from real life abuse with the advanced feature of alerts on your phone. Set your alert for particular words, locations or names and you will receive notifications whenever those words, names or locations are used.

Moreover, users can also enjoy additional features like location tracking, watchlist phone activity, social media monitoring and remote device commands on the monitored device.

#5 Phone Spying

#5 Phone Spying
#5 Phone Spying


You can find numerous spyware for iOS, but if you look for the most effective ones, there are only a few. Phone Spying is one of the most efficient monitoring software for iPhone and iPad. The app offers several advanced features that make it notorious among hundreds of apps and other solutions. The app comes with advanced features that allow you to keep important data from the monitored device. There are numerous advantages and here are the features that make this app different from others.

Live Surrounding Record

Phone Spying allows you to open the microphone and hear everything on the other side. You can also record it.

Track the Location

Monitor every movement with the help of GPS that allows you to check the location history anytime and anywhere.

Live Phone Calls

You can hear and record the live calls from the target devices easily.

Spy on Chat Apps

Flexispy allows monitoring 11 iPhone messaging apps and now you can access it anywhere.

Monitor Online Activities

Get all the browsing and downloading history on iOS with Phone Spying.


It is important to monitor the apps and the activities. Phone Spying allows you to check the apps and activities.

Remote Camera Capture

You can remotely use the camera to capture anything. Phone Spying comes with this advanced feature.


Access and download all pictures, audios, videos and other files from the monitored device.

Monitor Suspicious Activities

Set an alert and get notifications for using specific terms on the targeted device.

Moreover, you can also enjoy several additional features like individual dashboards, Phone Spying alert wizard, GPS Navigator Widget that help you enjoy the app.


There are numerous spyware tools available today and it is tough to find the best. Several names appear on the first queue and we have listed up some of them. These apps are widely accepted and if you are looking for an effective spyware for iPhone or iPad, this article can help you choose the appropriate spyware for your purpose.

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