Top 10 WhatsApp Hacker Apps for iOS and Android Parents

Top 10 WhatsApp Hacker Apps for iOS and Android Parents

WhatsApp has become a popular social media application among people especially teenagers. It is a powerful yet affordable way to communicate and share your life with others. In recent years, WhatsApp has evolved a lot because of every increasing user. On the other hands, parents are worried about their kids because they are online on it 24/7. They know that fact that via such apps, their kids can easily be molested by someone or they might be going on the wrong track. However, with Top 10 WhatsApp Hacker Apps for iOS and Android Parents, you can shake all the concern, worries and stress away.


Here are Top 10 WhatsApp Hacker Apps for iOS and Android Parents
Here are Top 10 WhatsApp Hacker Apps for iOS and Android Parents

Social media applications are a virtual platform where people beyond our reach can contact, communicate, share their precious moments, makes friends, etc. But it does make it a place where your kids can easily be preyed by any predator. I am about to list down applications for both iOS and Android users so that you won’t face any disappointment after installing the applications.

List of Best WhatsApp Hacker Apps for iOS and Android Parents

List of Best WhatsApp Hacker Apps for iOS and Android Parents
List of Best WhatsApp Hacker Apps for iOS and Android Parents

#1 The Truth Spy

#1 The Truth Spy
#1 The Truth Spy

Just like its name, the application introduced you to the truth of a target person. The app deserves the first place because it is the king of all spy apps or software developed so far. You can virtually spy via this one. You don’t even have to play the secret mission game to install the app in the target device. It doesn’t require device possession or anything like this.



There are several media outlets where truth spy software has been featured, and this is all because of its amazing features:

  • Ambient listening
  • Live call recording
  • WhatsApp Spy
  • Monitor call log
  • Monitor social media sites
  • Has a keylogger feature etc.

While developing the application, it developers had thought about iOS users. They have made sure that iOS users get the same benefits as Android users and made truth spy.

#2 FreePhoneSpy

#2 FreePhoneSpy
#2 FreePhoneSpy

It is the most popular app on the app store and also a premium app. Just like the above applications, it consists of various features that lead to monitoring everything deeply. Talking about WhatsApp hacking then you can view your kid’s contact list, his/her friends, chat details, etc. Hacking their WhatsApp account with this app is the best way to know about your kid’s recent activities. As you know that they share almost everything plus via it, you can also have access to their gallery.


Talking about features then it monitors & record browsing history, provides your call log details, social media tracking, control panel, etc. Again to use this app, iOS users need not be a jail-breaker specialist because it works on the iOS platform as well.

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#3 AppSpy

#3 FelxiSpy
#3 FelxiSpy

The application’s other name is “parental control app” because it monitors kids activities that their parents want to know. Whenever you are alone with your target person phone, install this app on that device. You will get the entire recorded content via a web account as such accounts are considered best to maintain the recorded data.


From WhatsApp conversation to shared files, everything recorded details is going to be emailed to your account. Also, when it comes to WhatsApp message tracking, then this one is highly functional as well as works as a real virtual detective. However, some iPhone users have to make some settings so that it can work properly. Other than this, it has no drawback and idol way to spy on your kids.

Its other features are call log tracking, GPS tracking, ambient listening, remotely control, alert notification, etc.

#4 Spy Bubble

This one is known for providing accurate results while tracking any device. WhatsApp messages, call, shared files, images, videos, etc. everything will be in front of your eyes. If you want to bring stability to your business, then the employees working and internet usage details will be useful. Know what they are doing during working hours, for how long they are productive, what they do whenever you are not around, etc.

Parents are also a fan of this application because, via this, it becomes easy to check their conversation details from time to time. Just on the notification option and get details of every hour. Also, the WhatsApp feature is quite impressive along with being efficient and secure. However, customer support may not be that much impressive. But rests of the features are amazing and make this application one of a kind.

#5 Highster Mobile

The top-rated application is famous for being versatile, i.e., it is both employee and parental control application. GPS feature let you track kid’s location; call log tracks calls, track media like photos, videos, GIF, etc. Highster Mobile app is a hassle-free application because it requires installation on the device of a person who wants to track another device. Due to this, spying becomes easy, and it reduces the risk of getting caught by others.

Talking about its pros then again it has “no jailbreak clause” which obviously makes iOS users happy. It is again good android users. On the app store, you can easily get this app and can start tracking WhatsApp messages.

#6 PhoneSpying

To spy via this application, you need a secured web account to get all the secret messages, and your kids call log details via email. You can even hear WhatsApp voice recordings, audio messages, call history, details about video call, etc.

If you have this app, then with just one click and via automatic control panel you can control the target device. The developers of it never sit idle and enhance the application functionality from time to time. Along with this, its bugs get transformed so that you can monitor surroundings. However, this one is best for Android users.

#7 Spyera

The application has impressed many users with its excellent features as well as great functionality. It is best known for WhatsApp message tracking. From audio recordings to the multimedia files like videos, documents, etc. it can track everything related to WhatsApp. Also, real-time GPS tracking is another wow feature of Spyera. The users further receive application updates and bugs fixed by the developers as well.

The application functionality is highly acceptable however it has some device compatibility issue. The application is said to be work on android phones well.

#8 Mobistealth

This one is known as host tracking software popular among parents & businessmen because of its exclusive yet good features. When it comes to the user interface, then it is bit cluttered but still comprehensive via which messages can be easily seen and checked. Though it is quite costly regarding money, i.e., $80 but the cost is obvious because of the app features.

If spying means “WhatsApp tracking” to you, then it is a good option. However, its basic features might not be impressive for many spy app users. But its simplicity makes the app efficient.

#9 Mobile Spy

The host mobile call history, WhatsApp messages and device emails are tracked by a mobile spy. Coming to the social media tracking then Twitter and Face book can be easily monitored. You can view the friend list, conversation list, friend request, posts, etc. Unlike another spy app, this one is meant for hacking WhatsApp as it has the most efficient social media tracking feature.

But when it comes to design than it still needs improvement, and so does its interface. Talking about device compatibility then users have a different opinion on it. Android users have faced no problem so far, but many iOS users reported that it doesn’t work properly. Well, it might be due to the different versions of iOS they are using.

#10 mSpy

The name of this application has been given by a very smart person because it’s exactly providing you with a copy of the tracked information. This is a parental control app, but businessmen can utilize it as well because it has the same features as other applications have.

Yes, working internet connection is required as without connection spying isn’t possible. Check browsing history, call logs, ambient listening, etc. Most of the user prefers it because it fulfils the WhatsApp tracking needs very well. However, it isn’t compatible with every android model, and this is where the app lacks.

Important points – How to choose WhatsApp hacking apps

How to choose WhatsApp hacking apps
How to choose WhatsApp hacking apps

Device compatibility plays a huge role because the software is made considering the current versions of the Smartphone. Same is the case with iOS user because we all use different versions of android as well as iOS. So, always check the version and compare it with the software. Many companies develop the same applications but in different versions so that everyone can use it. Other important things to look for are:

  • Application features
  • Device compatibility
  • Is it safe or not?
  • Powerful application
  • Price

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Everyone is using spy applications so that their kids, family, friends, and business remain safe from those who are not their good wishes. Spy apps let people use technology for the betterment of human and society. When you are surrounded by fake people, then these apps help you to discover the true personality of them. So, use such apps only when you need to protect someone.

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