Top 10 Free Mobile Number Tracker

Top 10 Free Mobile Number Tracker
Top 10 Free Mobile Number Tracker
Review: Top 10 Free Mobile Number Tracker
  • #1 Mobile Number Locator
  • #2 Mobile Number Tracker
  • #3 Caller ID & Number Locator
  • #4 Truecaller
  • #5 Number Locator
  • #6 Mobile Number Tracker Pro
  • #7 Find my phone
  • #8 Phone Locator
  • #9 Mobile number & phone location
  • #10 Four square


Top 10 Free Mobile Number Tracker. So, let’s start with top free mobile number tracker apps available on app store or google play

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Top 10 Free Mobile Number Tracker – For Android & iOS

Receiving never-ending unknown calls are something one cannot tolerant at all. Some callers are so stubborn that they call you with a different number after getting blocked. We all can relate to this situation when we have no, other option than getting angry and irritated. But from now onwards you don’t have to deal with such disturbing calls as “Mobile Number Tracker” applications do this work for you. Other than apps, many websites are also involved in this job and let you know the person behind annoying calls.

Top 10 Free Mobile Number Tracker - For Android & iOS
Top 10 Free Mobile Number Tracker – For Android & iOS

FreePhoneSpy has been considered the best free mobile number tracker as well as spyware of all time. We are going to see similar apps like the ones mentioned above along with the websites one by one. So, let’s start with top mobile tracker apps available on app store.

Applications for tracking mobile number

Having a mobile tracker application installed on your phone makes the tracking work a lot easier. Employee such application probably a great idea so let’s flashlight on them:

Applications for tracking mobile number
Applications for tracking mobile number

#1 Mobile Number Locator

#1 Mobile Number Locator
#1 Mobile Number Locator

This one is android oriented, free and offers unmatched flexibility to the users. It has a highly functional and 3D Google map. Globally used codes are presented on this map, and automatic caller feature shows the caller info. It works without an internet connection; you can make a call or have access to your messages box via this application. The app is for android users.

Google Play:

If you get sick of using old and bring call logs, then this app has some amazing themes enough to make your call log attractive. Easily view the call log, received calls along with the operator name. The 3D map let you have 360 degree views. Get the exact location from where the calls have made along with the number details.

However, Mobile Number Locator few drawbacks like ported mobile number cannot be tracked with this application. It is also applicable in countries like Pakistan, Canada, India, and the USA.

#2 Mobile Number Tracker

#2 Mobile Number Tracker
#2 Mobile Number Tracker

The application track mobile number locations based in your nearby locality. It supports state, CDMA, and GSM mobile providers. It has an inbuilt GPS map, so you don’t have to download a separate one for tracking. The network isn’t an issue in here plus one can retrieve any number by just following two steps. It is completely free.

Google Play:

However, some users aren’t satisfied with it services because of lack of regular updates. Along with this, the active internet is required to track number with this app. Android users can install it successfully without facing any installment error.

#3 Caller ID & Number Locator

#3 Caller ID & Number Locator
#3 Caller ID & Number Locator

The application is highly dependable along with being flexible at the same time. The application is a combination of number locator and caller identification. It has a database of 19,982 cities plus caller Id display the information of real caller on your screen. It comes with an optional call blocker.

Google Play:

The active internet isn’t a requirement for using this application. Globally, one can search mobile number in 200 countries. Every call made on your phone is presented with caller Id by this application. Block annoying callers with this application, and you can pinpoint the exact caller origin to make the navigation process and map easier.

However, take care of your Android version as it doesn’t work on the android gadgets below version 4.0.

#4 Truecaller

Everyone knows the name of “true caller” as this one is the leading number and call locator app globally. Block any unwanted numbers, view unknown callers photo and details. Contact database of this application let you trace down callers unknown to you. You can know the person who is searching your numbers online. Android users use true caller application as they find it very helpful in dealing with unknown calls.

The application allows you to make direct calls via true caller. The application has been currently used by 200 million users which is enough to prove its worth. However, without internet, it doesn’t attack number so your data should be on 24/7. Along with this, non-registered number details aren’t visible while call has been made.

#5 Number Locator

The iPhone based application is the development of by Elegant Recursion Inc. Put the numbers that bother you, and it can dig out the number details. It works both online as well as offline, so data connection isn’t a big requirement. Attractive and beautiful animated graphics make it a more fun application.

It has data codes for all areas and auto-update ting tap spare you from the job of updating application time to time. The attractive and swipe gesture user interface makes it different from other mobile tracking applications. It has been a blessing for iPhone users plus the application can even use on iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

It takes a few seconds to show the result which is quite fast however your network you are using also plays an important role. The application is free, but if you want to enjoy additional features, then they cost $ 0.99.

#6 Mobile Number Tracker Pro

Have you noticed the word “pro”? The application makes sure that one can know the real owner of the numbers made on your phone. 200 countries database has stored in it, and this gives brief information of international calls. Colorful user interface gives you options to choose from different colors. Notification center is quite amusing as well as helpful which notifies you about the call at an instant.

If you like bright colors, then choose among attractive themes plus you can change its color according to your preference. However, sometimes it cannot locate the number plus without active internet, it can’t search the number details.

#7 Find my phone

Have you ever seen any number tracking application that can find your lost phone? Well, this one is kind of unique. Along with tracking numbers, it can does more job that assigns to it. The application is versatile and highly trustable among the application user. Talking about features then its attractive features are eye catchy and loved by your eyes.

You cannot locate numbers as well as a lost phone without having access to the internet. Well, this one is free as well as an in-app purchase if you like to pay for additional features.

#8 Phone Locator

The application is similar to “find my phone” application yet different in many ways. This one is fastest and attacks any number as soon as you tap on the search. The application consumes very little space plus it amusing theme attracts its users. This one combines fun and feature which results in a flexible, efficient and worthwhile application.

Because of being an android based app, only Android users can enjoy our services, but there are some similar apps available for ios user as well.

#9 Mobile number & phone location

The application does two work for you, i.e., track mobile number and second is to track phone. So far, we have come through all the applications that either track number or lost device but this one is out of the syllabus.

Talking about features then it can track calls, contact list, incoming and outgoing calls. The contact list has been browsed by this application and further categorized according to state, city, country, etc. If you don’t like to be annoyed by unknown messages or calls, then the app allows you to block them. Telephone operator along with the number is also shown by the application. However, MNP (mobile number Portability) is not supported by this application.

#10 Four square

Though the application is bit underrated but this doesn’t make it worthless. It has unique features which you haven’t seen before in other mobile number tracking application. You can easily see the recent activities of your friends via his one. Every number saved in your contact list is browsed by four square, and then you can view the activity details.

Other than this, it works similarly to other applications work but definitely has some new thing that can amaze the users.

Mobile Number Tracker websites

Mobile Number Tracker websites
Mobile Number Tracker websites

There are many dedicated websites that work similar to mobile tracker applications. So here are some popular mobile number tracker sites:

It is an Indian tracking website that retrieves the locations of unknown numbers, i.e., exact location. They also track landline numbers, and it has a rank feature as well. Due to this feature, best-ranking websites can be found out by you.

Trace Phone Number

The website is a bit old and the experienced one as well. Applications tend to track only number details, but this one digs out real owner details, i.e., the registered person name. The website has user-friendly as well as the interactive interface. You will get an extensive database in here.

Free Phone Tracer

This website provides Mcfee security and supports both landline and mobile numbers. The services here are free plus the straightforward tracing method let you use it easily. In simple words, it is easy, a free and good website for those who want to track mobile number.

So, the Mobile Number Tracker is come to an end. Hope so the applications, as well as website mentioned here, will let you track annoying numbers.