How to spy WhatsApp messages iPhone free

How To Spy On WhatsApp Messages iPhone Free

WhatsApp spy is a program that is secretly installed on the iPhone or androids Smartphone of your kids, employees and your partners. With the help of this feature you can easily track all the message, calls whether they are voice calls and the video calls. All the details of the message with their date and time can be known to you very easily So that you can know when the person was chatting to the other person.


There are various applications that will provide you with the spy WhatsApp messages. But make sure that you select the best application make sure that application is licensed and certified so that personal information is not carried away which can lead you to danger. All the information of the conversation is provided to you on the control panel of the application. And you can access your account from anywhere you like to make sure that you have an internet connection.

Features of the WhatsApp Spy

  • You can view all the WhatsApp conversation which were sending or received by the target person.
  • You can get all the details of the number and the name of the person to whom the chatting is done.
  • You can get the entire date and time stamp so that you can get all the information about when the message was done.
  • All the conversation profile picture details that are added by the target person on his phone can be achieved very easily.

This is one of the best and the most reliable tool known to us as it is fully certified and allows you to provide all reliable data that is 100% certified. This provides you with all correct information you can get all the numbers and the names of the person who are added to the target person on his WhatsApp account.

This app is very useful for the parents as now a day’s children are so addicted to their phone that they don’t study and spend all their time in chatting. You can get all the information of the chatting done in the real time. You can listen to all the video, and the voice calls at the real time. Even the recording of the calls can also be available to you. There are times when you are not having the time in for reading and listening to the messages and the calls in the real time. Then in such a case, you can get all the records of the calls and message so that you can read and listen to them afterward.

Alert system this is one of the most important features as this feature that is provided by the app spy application. This alert system helps you in getting an alert of the particular number so that you do not have to check for the particular message again and again. Whenever there is a message or a call from this number done you get the alert of that so you can check them immediately and can take quick actions.

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