How to spy on text messages free without the phone

How To Spy On Text Messages Free Without The Phone

Do you know how to spy on text messages free without the phone?

Since historic times, people spy on many things, and for many reasons. This is just to claim that spying is not a modern phenomenon, but an ancient one. But the changes comes every time, this day and age people use spy app for making things clear and getting details of the targeted person. Since the evolution of spy apps, there are many ways with people spy on various devices, and with this article, you will get to know about how to spy on text messages free without the phone.

These days with technical advancement there are many things that have been turned out to be simpler. But there are many drawbacks of this technical advancement, because there are many things that need to make out to be complicated, and many things need to be under supervision. Spy on Text Messages is somewhat common these days, many times it has a good result, but many times intentions are evil behind the hacking. Many places and at many extents these things are banned. But there are various things that are kept only for the security option So that you need not have to face any difficulty because things are banned.

Most of the time official messages or work has been done through text message or the emails. For hacking these things, you needed to perfect and had a very keen or narrow mind to select a suitable spy app. Whenever we choose something, we usually select things through basic criteria, which says either select things which are the best in class .i.e. both effective and efficient. So you need to select a spy app very carefully.

How to select the best Text Message Tracker App for you?

First, you need to see few app, their ratings, their features, and advantages of using that spy app. After selecting few apps, you need to see that which app is more effective and advanced. This is because many apps need to install a copy on the targeted phone, and then it will give you access to that device. But the most advances apps provide you access to other devices. Many of the apps are only meant for spying only 6-10 people at a time, but the advanced app provides you access to more number of people.

Spy on Text Messages
Spy on Text Messages

Basic components of spy on text messages free without the phone

In today’s world, mobile is something that everyone has, and most of the work is done through it. If you get to access someone’s mobile phone, you will be able to tell half of his life story. Therefore if you feel like spying on someone then you can hack their phone and get access to it. This spy app works under few basic components that help you in getting access to the targeted device. These components are:

  • Server: This component has to be best, .i.e. without any problem. This is so because all the activities that have to be taken place will be done through this server one. In short, this is ht device that you use for spying. This device should be perfect in all ways.
  • Targeted mobile phone: This is the device of the targeted person. This is an important component, because if this component is missing, then you will never be able to spy on targeted person. So with the spy app, you need to first target the device, and then hack it for getting the information of the person.
  • Control panel: this is another important component because yu need to have control over the device, for that you need to have a good spying app so that you can very easily spy on the targeted phone. Along with the perfectly working spying app, you will also need a good internet connection so that you need not have to face any hindrance while spying live on the targeted person.
  • Internet cloud: this is the storage area, where you will keep your all your data safe. When you are spying on someone, there are many things that need to keep as evidence, so that you need not have to worry about the evidence for claiming the mistakes of the targeted person.

These are some of the basic things on which spy apps works, so you need to work, keeping in mind these basic components. This is because these basic components play a vital role in working of FreePhoneSpy.

Actions that you need to spy on text messages free without the phone

The first things that you need to do are, you need to get the app in the targeted mobile phone. This will help you in getting access to the thing that you want to get a track on. When you install the app on the target phone, then you need few things in your notice that you have to connect the app with your device also. When you connect the app with your device, then the access to the data mobile phone becomes simpler. The good things are that this spying app is compatible with operating system.

The next intelligent feature of this spy ware is that all the information that you have hacked will get uploaded to your cloud storage .i.e. server. If you have lost data from your phone then you can recover all that very easily. Above spying, you can also secure the data on your device. If the victim has lost their mobile phone, or you think that the cell phone has got stolen and you have all the important data in it then if want the data, you can upload all your data to cloud storage. Along with this you can also lock your mobile phone, and also check its current location, this way you can protect your mobile phone and also you can find where your mobile phone exactly is.

If ever you need to get the access to the targeted device, and you are away from your spying device, then through the help of server you can very easily get access to the internet. You just need to get logged with the same username and password that you had given to the server.

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Dos and don’ts for using this

When you are spying on someone, you need to keep few things in mind that you have to maintain the secrecy of all the work you are doing. Also, until your reason of spying is personal, you can see into every personal thing. But if your reason of spying is related to the professional world, you need to have latest that much trust that you can give some leniency in some of their chats. So, that no limits are crossed and the demanded task is also completed.

When you are spying things for official security, then you need to carefully take care of personal stuff of your employee. You are no one who can interfere in their stuff. Also these personal things are of no use for you, because what you will do after knowing personal things of your employee, and at the end of the day, it will just a time waste for you.

Features of this spying app

More Features Text Message Spy FreePhoneSpy
More Features Text Message Spy FreePhoneSpy

Non-detectable feature

This can be regarded as the most effective advantage of using a Spy app, because, when you are spying on someone, and also you need to see the social media activity, then you need something that can create a safer side for you. For this, app has enhanced the security for its users, and keep them safe from detect by other person. With the new technology no one can catch you, in many cases a computer expert can find who the main culprit behind spying is, but with this new tech, it becomes more difficult for even a computer expert to detect that person.

Notification alerts

There are various notifications that keep you reminding everything, if you get access to this notification then you can make out that in what all things your target phone user is actively participate in. If SIM or Network Company got changed, then you will get all the details of the changes with a notification alert.

Read instant messages

This could be the main reason for using spy apps because with this you can instantly read the message, and react accordingly. Unlike other service provider, that they give you notification of the messages late, and till then the situation dissolves. If you miss out something, it will provide you notification, and along with it also keep the data safe at the cloud storage. Along with this, you can hack instant messaging apps, so that it will keep you up to date with all the activities.

Remotely controllable feature

This is the best feature added to the app. Now you do not have to even touch the target phone; you can spy on it without installing the app copy to the targeted phone. You just need to give a call on the targeted mobile phone, with the app on your device, and then the app will show you few codes that you need to copy. That code has to be attached with the app, so that you can get access to the device fully. If in case your call has not received, it will automatically give you the code that you need, when the call ends.

Backup feature

At times, it is hard to keep an eagle’s eye on every activity of the device, because you are buying somewhere else. For this the app developer as made an advanced backup feature, that helps you in that situation. The targeted device is connected with your device directly, and it is also connected with cloud storage indirectly. This is because that entire thing that you are keeping track of is to need to be stored somewhere, for that it is connected to your mail id so that all those things should store at cloud storage.

Supportive features

All the service that is provided by the developer of the cell spy app is in your service 24×7. You contact for any query any time; they will help you. If you have any complained regarding the product, it will be replaced, and all the feedbacks are replied very rapidly.

These are some f the best features of the spy app if you are interested enough to know all the other features you have to personally use the app.

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From where you will get SMS Spy App

Well, you can easily get this from any online app store. But there are few things that you need to keep in mind. The first thing is that this app is a paid app, so you need to buy this app, for your device. But if you want to have a trial pack, then you can get a trial app also. This trial app is in your service only for a limited period, and also with limited features. The Even trial app will not provide you all the perks that this app offers, for getting advantages of this app you need to buy this app from any store or its official website.

So, if you buy this app, you can easily enjoy all the features that this app gives you. If you are sure that you need this app then you can buy this app, and also you can but this app from any app store. But if you buy it from its official website then you may get various discounts and many other offers with it. So it is always better to get it from its official websites.

Usages of this spy app

Well, hacking is never legal or accepted by people, this is because it restricts their liberty and freedom, and this is fully accepted, that you cannot interfere with someone’s liberty. But within some case, this could be accepted, but only at a certain level.

You can use this for keeping an eye on your children

These days every child wants to own a Smartphone, and for that, they pressurize their parents. Many of the parents do think and concern about their kids that they should not misuse it. So with these spy apps, you can keep your supervision on your kids, on all the activity they do on their phone.

Official security:

Many bosses are very much concerned about the security of the details of their premises. This is because in this rat race world many people can miss using these details, for their profit or the company’s loss. So it is important for the administration of the company to keep these things in control. This way the managers of the company could spy on their employees, for seeking the loyal ones and person who can put the enterprise in trouble.

Advantages of these spy apps

Since these apps are used for many years, and with every time interval, it gives added features to its users. Besides features, there are many things that these spy apps provide you various perks for every time selecting them. Some of these advantages are:

  • Dependability– this is a very trusted application, and you can reply on it completely. This spy ware works on a defined format and never fails to deliver quality service.
  • Simplicity in format– the format of this application is extremely simple. You have to install it, and then all the directions will be given to you. This application can be used by anyone having even a little knowledge.
  • Friendly– this spy app works on all the platforms, i.e., it can be used in windows phone, android as well as iPhone. Its compatibility makes its use easier.
  • Cost effective– this application provides you all the best features at the very reasonable price. Moreover, it provides 48 hours free service. If you feel that the services are satisfactory, you can go for its premium plan.
  • Customer satisfaction– in the case of any query or difficultly you can easily contact the customer services of spy apps. The customer care is open 24×7 at your service. Moreover, there is a money back option too. If you do not want the services of this application, all your money will be refunded in few days.

These advantages are some of the reasons, that why you should use this app every time. Along with this there are many things that will help you to solve your problems, but for that you have to use this app, and get more details about this app.


When you know that much country, do not support spying, but then also if we are trying to make your profit out of this, then you need to take care of every step that you take. Along with this you need to take care about the dos and don’ts of spying. Then you need to select the best spying app that can help you in this task. At the end you need to keep record of everything. This is the most simple hacking technique that do not require any technical skills, computer proficiency and computer coding languages.

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