How to spy Text Messages from another Phone without Setting up Software Application

How To Spy On Text Messages From Another Phone Without Setting Up Software Application

Best way to spy Text Messages from another Phone without Setting up Software Application

Some folks might consider spying someone’s text message is a joke. However not all they know that mobile phone spy applications are ideal and can handle various works which appear difficult to manage. And in this chapter, you will understand ways to spy on text messages without setting up software application by the aid of effective phone calls and text messages tracking apps.

Best way to spy Text Messages from another Phone without Setting up Software Application
Best way to spy Text Messages from another Phone without Setting up Software Application

Here is the listing of few spy application which could reveal you ways to read someone’s text messages without having their mobile phone:

  • Way 1: FreePhoneSpy
  • Way 2: TheTruthSpy
  • Way 3: PhoneSpying
  • Way 4: GuestSpy

Way 1: Free Phone Tracker FreePhoneSpy

Way 1: Free Phone Tracker FreePhoneSpy
Way 1: Free Phone Tracker FreePhoneSpy

There are numerous applications available, but you could utilize the FreePhoneSpy application which functions distinctly. Earlier in the standard spy application, you needed to make all the setup of spying on the phone of the intended too. It made the circumstance a bit dangerous. To prevent the danger and to conserve your relations making use of intended’s phone has been removed. The applications work with every significant Android and iOS gadget and include a web-based control panel and mobile application.

The complimentary FreePhoneSpy imply that you need not pay anything to obtain the feature of spying. There are numerous applications offer free of charge service to the people. If you wish to attempt the spy application for the very first time then utilizing the free FreePhoneSpy and it will be the very best for you. Whereas if you feel; that the work is a fragile one and you require more surety and functions, then you could change to the paid variation too. However, till the spying is done just for a lesser problem then utilizing the complimentary app could be the smartest choice you will ever make.

Attributes offered by the leading most FreePhoneSpy applications and it does not need to be set up in the targets gadget

Monitor the text

By utilizing this FreePhoneSpy, you could monitor all the messaging discussion which the target has created with his mobile phone. All the messages could be checked out as if the discussion has been performed with your location. All info featuring the time and date of each text message could be translucent it. You could understand the information of the sender together with his contact number. Furthermore, you could review the erased discussions.

Have access to call logs

The call information may be revealed to you by the aid of the FreePhoneSpy applications. You could understand when and which the suspect has visited through the call with the time and date. Any information regarding individual could be received quickly by using this application.

Gain access to contact list and record phone calls

The FreePhoneSpy offer you live call recording facility which you could tape-record and spare for later on. The app allows you to access the contact listing of the intended’s phone. You could understand any number you desire and could have complete command over it.

Look all the multimedia documents

The multimedia material such as video clips, pictures, tunes, GIFs and other information could be seen with you quickly. You could access the concealed material and it provides you to hack all the security password secured locations of the mobile phone be it the application or any social profile. Not just has this, the alert and notification features allow you to inform each modification made in the multimedia material of the mobile phone. For instance, if there is any new photo clicked or new tune obtained in the gadget, you may familiarize regarding it instantly through an alert.

Monitor social profile

Social app of a people could inform you a lot regarding his life. If you are keeping an eye out to spy on somebody, then you should take a look at the individual’s social networks account. By using FreePhoneSpy apps, you could acquire access to the social network’s profile of the intended people. You could understand what the people have been publishing, what sort of remarks he creates or gets and could keep track of all the tasks. You could review the discussions made with these profiles.

Monitor other message apps

The multimedia sharing and messaging apps have been incredibly popular of late. Individuals around the world utilize the Applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, etc. For that reason when you gain access to these apps, you could understand a lot regarding the individual. You will not read the discussions, however, can view all the shared documents. Also, all the concealed discussions could be accessed by you. It is the very best method to understand whom the suspect has been speaking with without any notification.

Monitor and track the web activities

Right from the level of web utilized to the sites run by the suspect, you could understand all. In, the truth you could understand, the moment of the site functioned. All the record of the searching has spared on the online website that you could access in the future. Aside from this, the very best part of this app is it offers to manage the web use of the target too. You could adjust the limit of the web use and can obstruct the sites which you do not desire the suspect to open up. This function is best for the worried moms and dads. They may guarantee that their kid is not making miss out on the usage of the web.

Global Positioning System Tracker

It is among the very best thing FreePhoneSpy may offer you. By using the GPS system, you could monitor the place of the suspect from anyplace. The GPS system allows you to understand that the suspect is secure and is not under any threat. The boss could track his worker and understand the path he has taken; moms and dads could track kids and guarantee their security. And the partner may spy their partners making sure that they are not fulfilling another individual.

Access to details and other files

You could review the details spared on the intendeds gadget and could see all the files, acquire in no period. You could conserve the information you desire and maintain it for afterward. The saving of the information could assist you to maintain the documents of any legal problem.

Access to Gmail

FreePhoneSpy offers you the feature of accessibility to the Gmail profile of the suspect. You may get access to other such profiles. The features allow you to understand all the emails in which the suspect has received or send. You may view the accessories made to it.

These functions are discovered in the leading FreePhoneSpy apps. However, you should not take a look at the features supplied quality is similarly crucial. You need to ensure that the application you pick provides the high-quality functions. For the very best experience on spying, quality is of utmost value.

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The advantages of utilizing the FreePhoneSpy apps

There are numerous benefits offered by the FreePhoneSpy apps. They are trusted and 100% secure to utilize. Making use of the apps not offer you a great spying experience, however, spare a great deal of your time. You need not run occasionally and could keep an eye on the tasks of the individual sitting in a focused place. Now with the facility and advancement to monitor a people without setting up the application in the gadget of the intended, the possibilities of getting captured have been nil. You could obtain it from any of the application stores. In case of any problem or inquiry, you can get in touch with the perpetuity alert consumer assistance. A lot of the sites offer their clients with refund center in case there is any virus in the software.

The very best advantage of utilizing the FreePhoneSpy apps is that they offer you with utmost benefit. You do not need to follow the suspect and nor is it possible in this quick-paced globe. These apps allow you to understand whatever regarding the suspect from one location.

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Way 2: How to Spy Someone’s Text Messages with TheTruthSpy

Way 2: How to Spy Someone's Text Messages with TheTruthSpy
Way 2: How to Spy Someone’s Text Messages with TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is the prominent tracking apps in the marketplace in nowadays. You may fulfill it in the reviews, online forums and evaluations. And there is a particular factor for it. The TheTruthSpy app is extremely effective and could handle numerous tasks. And it is most fascinating application for people to read somebody else’s text without having their mobile phone.

Anything is easier than it appears. It is an easy to use spy app with great deals of helpful functions and simple to use user interface. The cost differs from affordable to costly depending upon your budget. However, the capability to obstruct text without target phone might cost a lot more:


  • GPS location tracker functions completely with good precision.
  • Simple to use device and user interface.
  • Block inappropriate material and sites.
  • Could spy on iPad and iPhone without any jailbreak.
  • Ideal for Android usage.


  • The rate is not the most affordable one in the marketplace
  • It is unable to obstruct apps.

Way 3: How to Spy Someone’s Text Messages with PhoneSpying

Way 3: How to Spy Someone's Text Messages with PhoneSpying
Way 3: How to Spy Someone’s Text Messages with PhoneSpying

PhoneSpying is the effective device you have to check out. It is just like FreePhoneSpy and has great deals of the very same attributes. And it is crucial and useful that PhoneSpying could handle spying even without having an intended phone. Folks are impressed by its GPS area tracking capacity; however, its capability to deal with non-jailbreak iPad and iPhone is anything unbelievable.

It performs other function your routine phone tracking application deals. You could check out all kinds of information (SMS, MMS, e-mails, instantaneous chats). PhoneSpying is excellent at monitor GPS place and telephone call. And it is really simple to use.


  • It can read someone’s text without setting up software application on their phone
  • Fantastic list of functions
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Comprehensive list of chances and functions


  • The very same functions used by more less expensive apps
  • Cannot obstruct applications.

Way 4: How to spy Text Messages from another Phone with GuestSpy

Way 4: How to spy Text Messages from another Phone with GuestSpy
Way 4: How to spy Text Messages from another Phone with GuestSpy

GuestSpy is a robust monitoring device with some characteristics. It is extremely basic to utilize, probably among the spy apps which is most simple. Also, their customer support is helpful and responsive. What I appreciate regarding GuestSpy is that it allows you to keep track of an iPad or iPhone without jailbreak the device.

Like other spy phone applications noted here, it has all the fundamental functions, like the capability to screen immediate messages, monitor GPS place, and to spy on the text. However, it has some distinct qualities which make it stand apart in the group. Let’s look at these attributes.

The features included in the GuestSpy applications are listed below

  • Move To the intended phone’s SMS inbox and text messages
  • Review the information on every message
  • Obtain the full names and levels of all SMS senders and receivers.
  • Acquire the time and date marks of every SMS text message
  • All SMS information is published to the online GuestSpy control board that you could obtain from anyplace with a web connection.

Functions of GuestSpy application

Social Network Monitoring: Track and Record SMS text.

Stealth Cam: Understand where the gadget is in perpetuity by GPS-tracking innovation. Location is revealed on a map within the control board

Call Observation: Start the mobile phone’s cam to have a secret picture that is delivered to your very own profile.

Video and Pictures Screen outgoing and incoming call, time and date of phone calls, contact number of the person being contacted and have a running log of the telephone call.

Log: View photos & video clips handled the tracked cellular phone.

Schedule and Contacts: View each of the websites they observe on their mobile phone.


After reviewing all the above-given information, you might comprehend that there comes a period in everybody’s life when she or he feels to utilize this app. So use it as soon as feasible and obtain the FreePhoneSpy from the link Utilize the assistance of these apps lead a sorted and peaceful life.

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