How to spy Instagram Posts Without Alerting

How To Spy on Instagram Posts Without Alerting (Secret And Undetectable)

Best way spy Instagram Posts Without Knowing

Want to check the latest updates of your crush on Instagram without alerting them, well here you go. We all have a crush on someone but it’s not always easy to go directly to them but these days social networking platform created this space where one can at least stay aware of the things happening in their crush’s life. So here we have few ways through which you can view all the photos and videos posted by that person without their knowledge.

Best way spy Instagram Posts Without Knowing
Best way spy Instagram Posts Without Knowing


The simple way to do this is by actually following them but since you don’t want them to know that you are following them you can use Social Engineering. In this, you can make a fake account on Instagram and send them the request. Now, make that account in such a way that they accept your request. This may all seem a little unethical but this is up to you, how you use it. If you only use it for this purpose then there is no loss.

How to view Instagram Posts Without Alerting

How to view Instagram Posts Without Alerting
How to view Instagram Posts Without Alerting

First, you need to choose a suitable name for your account the one whose request will definitely be accepted. The procedure to make the account is same the way you made your actual account, you need an email Id, a username, and a password. Now if it’s a girl then choose a female name for the account and to make it look more genuine set a decent profile picture and add a nice bio description. To make it look real post some photos of the same girl on the profile. After all the above is done then the last thing left to do is to send the follow request to the person and wait for them to accept it. If it’s a guy then why worry, you can directly contact him or if you don’t want to do that then use the same procedure this time for a guy.

There is one other way as well if you just want to view the picture of that person. You can contact any mutual friend to help you through this. You will be able to view the pictures from your friend’s account then.


This is one good way to achieve your purpose and it usually works as well but if you feel bad about it you can always directly contact the person. Besides this, there are other ways as well to view the profile without following them with the help of other applications. There are various applications there on Google play store which offers such features to crack the profile open. These applications are called spyware. It is not recommended to use these applications so if you really want to use the applications then you better do this at your own risk.

One of the applications which you can use is FreePhoneSpy, it is available for both Android and IOS platform. To enter the app you need to give certain details and allow certain permissions and for installation and other details regarding the application, you can visit their website.

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But if you are not comfortable to share or any information with the application then you can simply use profile viewer applications. These applications allow you to view the any locked profile you like to view. There are applications like:

  1. InstaSpy
  2. PrivateViewer

This is one useful way which may work for some of you. There are sites which let you unlock the private profiles so you can view all the updates of the one you admire. 1One of the sites that you can visit for this purpose is You put this URL on your search engine then when you reach the page you will see a text button “Click here and access it now”. You need to click that button after that it’ll ask you to enter the profile name of the person then click on the text button “View Profile”. After the processing, you will get to see all the pictures of that private profile.

Now, this is important to know that some of these sites may be fake and they will not give you what you desire instead bring you trouble by stealing the information from your system. So it is not recommended to open these sites but if you decide to do so then you will be responsible for the outcome.


There may be many reasons to use the above methods to view the profile which is private but it is always better to ask directly to the person by sending the request. If he/she allows you to view their profile it’s good but if they didn’t accept it then preferred way is social engineering.

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