How to Secretly Track an iPhone Without Their Knowledge

How to Secretly Track an iPhone Without Their Knowledge

You could want to track someone else’s phone for a number of reasons ranging from their welfare to need for closure. Be it your company employees or your spouse at home, there emerges a need to track or spy on them as situation demands. In such cases, the target would not be compliant to the spying, as that would beat their purpose. Spying or tracking someone without them knowing is a challenge and requires skills that do not come so easy.

Get 6 Ways to Secretly Track an iPhone Without Their Knowledge

Get 6 Ways to Secretly Track an iPhone Without Their Knowledge
Get 6 Ways to Secretly Track an iPhone Without Their Knowledge

To spy on someone in the most conventional way possible you can hire a private investigator but that could cost you a fortune. You can also attach a GPS tracker to their car, however, this would not give you much information about their misdoings. In both of the mentioned methods, the lengths you are going to for retrieving information that is not so critical is too much and too expensive. In the technological era, you do not have to fret about learning the misdoings of a person via the traditional methods anymore. There are smartphone spy apps that can take care of your job and give you more information than you could possibly need at half the price and labour.

Why people need Tracking an iPhone

Let us quickly check the few reasons behind the need for spying on someone else:

  • Unfaithful partners and spouses are a nuisance to live with. There is this constant dilemma regarding their loyalty that leaves you hanging by a thread. iPhone spying apps can help you come to a conclusion with their smart tracking features.
  • Worried parents are constantly thinking about the wellbeing of their children and whether or not they have wound up in some kind of trouble. Kids demand privacy from a tender age and it is almost impossible to spy on them with their knowledge. To keep track of their location, contact list, social media activity and frequents calls, you can use spy apps.
  • As employers, you would want to know your employees’ whereabouts during office hours. The real reason behind the delayed submission or poor judgement skills should come to your knowledge. Spying apps can help track their movements during the office hours, whether or not they are investing too much time on the social media or simply on their phones.

6 spy apps to track someone iPhone without their knowledge

6 spy apps to track someone iPhone without their knowledge
6 spy apps to track someone iPhone without their knowledge

Coming to the solution, there are certain spy apps in the market that are all-inclusive and can give you sufficient closure.

#1 FreePhoneSpy

This is a powerful app to keep tabs on your loved ones and business professionals. FreePhoneSpy is compatible with Android, iOS and even computers so that you do not run short of tracking sources. Once you have installed the app on the target device discreetly, the app will update you on every information shared via the target phone. Be it the messaging apps, incoming and outgoing calls, social media apps, emails, GPS, etc., with over 150 features, the app stands proud as one of the most effective iPhone spying apps in the market.

#2 TheTruthSpy

Website: http://thetruthspy

Another next-generation app that will update you about the target’s every walk of life is the TheTruthSpy app. It can access SMS, emails, the iPhone camera, social media apps, calls, GPS and browsing activities.

The app functions by delivering all the detailed information to your online TheTruthSpy account where you can assess and compare the data received to challenge the targetted person personally. Every photo taken with the iPhone camera will be sent to your online account; hence, if the target somehow blocks the GPS tracking feature, you would know where they are through the photos taken.

#3 GuestSpy


One of the most inexpensive and effective spy apps on the market, GuestSpy enables you to spy on your kids 24/7. You can also keep track of all the company owned smartphones and define their boundaries so that when an employee goes beyond you are instantly updated.

The download and installation method would only take a few minutes after which you can monitor your child’s online activities. If they are experiencing cyberbullying or bullying someone else, you can immediately take actions. Similarly, you can regulate your employees’ productivity by tracking them during the office hours and giving stricter deadlines.

#4 mSPY


You probably have heard the name of this popular spy app while searching for apps on the internet. It is one of the top apps providing exemplary spying services equal to what a private investigator would do for you but only virtually.

It records call logs, live call surroundings, tracks the GPS location, monitors social media activities and browsing history, manages SMS and emails and can even send messages to the suspicious personnel, monitors the app screen times, accesses iPhone media, etc. With the vast range of functions, mSPY has simply risen above the other apps in terms of spying on an iPhone without the target’s knowledge.

#5 Spyera


No more peeping into the screens of your spouse and kids to know if they are amidst any wrongdoings. Spyera allows you to remotely access Android, iOS and computer devices without the knowledge of your loved ones. It comes with an outstanding 10-day money back guarantee; hence, you do not have to fret over the money invested uselessly.

Spyera collects all information from the target phone and covertly uploads all the data to your secured web browser. You can maintain the records there so that it is easier for you to study their future actions.

#6 TheOneSpy


This app runs on all non-jailbreak devices of iOS. All you need to do is subscribe to the app and monitor your child’s or partner’s activities on one of the most secured non-jailbreak online dashboards.

Its features range from monitoring calls logs and emails to taking photos and monitoring social media activities. It is compatible with every iOS version released till date. The data taken from the target device is encrypted and dispatched to the online control panel where you can view and compare the information received.

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