Couple Location Tracker for Android and iPhone

Couple Location Tracker for Android and iPhone

Best Couple location tracker for Android and iPhone

In today’s technological world people are relying on gadgets. With the ongoing improvisation of GPS technology, it has become possible to keep track of the loved one. So to ensure the safety of the partner, one has relied on tracking tools like couple location tracker for iPhone and Android.

Best Couple location tracker for Android and iPhone
Best Couple location tracker for Android and iPhone

GPS location tracking is a highly innovative technology, used for keeping track of the partner location using the best couple location tracker app. This way a husband or wife can be aware of the whereabouts of their respective ones.

Benefits of using couple location tracker app

There are many benefits associated with using the location tracking tool like-

Location sharing is caring- The more you share, the more you care. We know that wives and girlfriend are cautious about partner safety and activity. The best way for keeping things at ease between two of them is coming up with the plan that helps in keeping relationship healthier. The best way to do so is by installing the location tracking app on the partner phone and surely you will handle the anxiety of the partner. It helps in strengthening the relationship.

Ensure partner safety- Location sharing tool always comes in handy whenever needed to ensure loved one’s safety. In worse case scenarios like an accident, theft, robbery, etc couple location tracking app will be beneficial. The best app will surely help you in such situations. In the long run, using the app will be helpful as it ensures the safety of the partner.

FreePhoneSpy – a reliable app for tracking couple location

FreePhoneSpy app is supporting leading OS like android and iOS. The app within a short time has got greater appreciations by the numbers of hackers. It has got many reviews favoring it to made in use for own reasons for location tracking. The app is having many amazing spying features that allow you to fulfill the spying needs. To use it few directions are provided here in this article.

For Android OS

At first, you must get into the official site of FreePhoneSpy ( and create a user account for free. After signing up you have to log in and fill in the device details and other details for setting up wizard. Choose Android as an OS. On target device get into the setting and then lock screen and security and enable unknown source option. Install the app on the target phone using the download link provided in the setup wizard. Open the app and log in to the user account and start allowing all permission requests. Upon the service activation, the app icon will get hidden and will work in a hidden mode.

Couple Location Tracker for Android and iPhone

To track the location of iOS user you must select iOS as a target phone OS. Put in the iCloud ID and password on the suspect iOS device and hit on verify. Ensure that iCloud backup and syncing service is activated on the target OS.

You can collect the details of the location of the couple and other cell phone action data using the wizard online dashboard. No doubt this application is the best app and will definitely work as per your expectations.

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