Best 10 Facebook Ads Spy Tools for Better Online Promotion

Best 10 Facebook Ads Spy Tools for Better Online Promotion

Top 10 Facebook Ads Spy Tools for Better Online Promotion to know

There is no doubt that today Facebook has become one of the top most popular and top leading social networking site that is used by very large numbers of active users. This is a giant network that is used by many people for various purposes that are including personal use, business purpose and for entrainment as well. Large numbers of businesses today have found that Facebook is a great way of increasing the barn image and value as well.

Top 10 Facebook Ads Spy Tools for Better Online Promotion to know
Top 10 Facebook Ads Spy Tools for Better Online Promotion to know

Facebook promotion is one of the cost-effective ways of promoting products and services. As the time runs out, more and more business are turning towards the Facebook. This has a lead lot of competition into the market. With the technology advent and innovation as well, their numbers of Facebook ads spy tools are available on the web. One can make use of Facebook ads spy tool for spying on the competitors of yours.

Part 1: The best 10 Facebook ads spy tools good for online promotion

Part 1: The best 10 Facebook ads spy tools good for online promotion
Part 1: The best 10 Facebook ads spy tools good for online promotion

#1 AdEspresso


It is the simple but powerful advertising agency. As you visit the site, you will find many great opportunities to post the ad for free of cost and earn from social media platform like Facebook. One can make successful ad within just few clicks. With this one can get the chance to target numbers of customers. At the initial stage, you can make use of the trial version and begin advertising campaign today.

  • The benefits of choosing it are that it’s fully free of costs.
  • There are many powerful features available that make it much better.
  • It is easier to set up and use the tool.
  • This tool is having the ability of filtering result.

#2 FreePhoneSpy

It is another most powerful tool that is used for varieties of reason by the global user. Today it can also be used for spying on the Facebook ads. With the help of this, one cannot only do spying on Facebook ads but can spy on various other activities of user like spying calls, text messaging social media spying, multimedia file spying, GPS location spying etc. Today this had become one of the most favorite spying options for all users. To download it you may refer to the link:

  • 100% undetectable
  • Compatible
  • Reliable
  • Easy and safer to use
  • Easy to afford
  • Monitor web use
  • Spying on person device calls, messages and multimedia files

#3 Advisor2


It is another best tool for the users particularly with Ad research. If you are seeking for reliable and affordable spy ad tool you can choose this tool. It assists you in gaining the profits and duplication ads faster. For cheaper ads, it is profitable and convenient. This ad tool is available with the reliable version of ad when you target the user of mobile. It will be assisting user ineffective managing ad content with respect to the competitors. A user can make good money with thus user-friendly interfaces.

  • For the marketer, it’s a good platform.
  • Getting engaged with it, a user can avail many features that are effective and reliable.
  • There is the option of the extensive search.
  • This ad spy tool is available for free of costs and one need not have to pay money to use it for accessing all the features that you need to buy.

#4 WhichAdworks


If you are seeking for friendly interface with a simplified design and filtering, and then this tool is the best option for one to spy on ads on Facebook. It is the reliable platform professionals and beginners. To get indulge into the affiliate marketing as well as E-commerce website; this tool can be the best option. A user can filter the ads respect to advertisers, keywords and various other tracking systems.

  • This tool user interface is really user-friendly that is simple and clear. Because of the clean user-interface, it is very much easier for one to use.
  • There are multiple ad galleries.
  • With this tool deep scanning for performance analysis is easier.
  • It is really a good tool for business to keep eye on counterparts.

#5 Ad fox

If you are willing to achieve another level of Facebook marketing then this tool is here for you. This tool is having many ads with its name and is growing faster. One can easily read out all leading Facebook advertisements within seconds. All that you need do is getting yourself logged in and search for the particular content. It is a good option for both professionals as well as beginners in this field.

  • This tool is really very much popular among small scale as well as commercial giants.
  • The tool is available at affordable rates as compared to other leading tools.
  • The option of sorting out by entering the particular keyword is available.
  • One can easily use the tool without facing any troubles.

#6 Social ads tool

In search of the advertising partner, this tool works to be the best as well as the leading option for users. This ad user interface is in the operation with top agencies and companies. To lead advertisement race, one can depend on professional services of this tool. A user along with interface is also availed with top class backend support for every query. In a real sense it is more than the technical support.

  • There are options of automatic promotion of page and boosting the method of promotion.
  • Getting involved with the tool; it will generate thousands of advertisement.
  • The developer of this tool is really hard working and within every short time, new features are published.

#7 Compass

If you want to lead in the social media advertising campaign then this tool is the one that you needs. Overall it is an intelligent tool that is providing you in giving tough competition. Additionally, it is the user interface that is delivering both Facebook as well as LinkedIn ads.

  • Unlike various other tools, it is having an index of 3,000,000+ ads.
  • Getting involved with it, one can avail fully fledged social ads.
  • With this tool, one can easily avail service for Facebook and LinkedIn ads.

#8 Social PETA

It is one of the best Facebook ad spy tool and is having the ability to spy ads o0n various channels like Yahoo, Facebook etc. getting engaged with it one can do the deeper analysis of competitor performances.

  • Deep scanning support.
  • It is offering dig data for decision making.

#9 Social ad account

It is designed for spying on social media channels like Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube etc. many features are available in it that is making it much better. At present, it is having the ability to access numbers of ads from several countries.

  • Greater interface with easy to use tools.
  • The detailed search filter is supported by it.

#10 AdsVantage

It is another Facebook spying tool with awesome features that are best. Many businesses have found it is the decent tool that is powered by many good features that are making it comparable with other top ads spying tool available on the internet.

  • Easy to use.
  • It is the intelligent tool with good features.

Part 2: How to spy on competitors with these spy tools

Part 2: How to spy on competitors with these spy tools
Part 2: How to spy on competitors with these spy tools

On the web, there are numbers of Facebook as spy tool are available that is enabling the owner or the managers to do easy spy on the competitors. These tools are developed for ad spying purposes with great features. This tool is working silently and is maintaining the report of the activity of competitors. No matters what type of business is of yours, these spy tool is designed for all types of business from small scale to commercial giants.

Competitor target audience

It is essential for all business going for spying on competitors to know the target audience. The targeted audience gives the business idea of counterparts. The tool analyzed activities of competitors and generates the report with the targeted audience.

Top performing ads

With the help of Facebook ads spy tool, you can track the best ads performances from counterparts.

The counterpart’s behaviors

Analyze the competitors’ behavior is important to stay ahead always. Here behavior refers to how they look at the market and how much money they spend. These ads tools are really very much helpful for all such situations.


These are the top 10 ranking Facebook Ads Spy Tools for Better Online Promotion. You can choose any one as per own desires. It is obvious that seeing varieties of tools for the same purpose along with all its greater benefits, one can get in a great dilemma. Well, as per my opinion I will recommend a user to go for FreePhoneSpy as this tool along with Facebook ads feature is having many other features to offers that makes spying easier. So why to think much just go to the official website and get it installed now in your device and begin spying in whichever way you want.

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