2 Ways to Track A Cell Phone without Them Knowing

Get the best 2 Ways to Track A Cell Phone without Them Knowing

There has been a sweeping revolution in the communication network, its convention, and demand. For many decades, the basic telephone was the dominating equipment for communication tenacities. It was a giant artifact for folks who possessed a telephone connection, and society used to deliberate them as a high social status family. But, if we look into the current era echo, we will notice that all income groups retain smartphones and have the potential to afford internet facilities. It is an affordable moderate which empowered people to do business, have entertainment and communicate worldwide. The daily involvement of people made modern technology a necessity of life.

Get the best 2 Ways to Track A Cell Phone without Them Knowing
Get the best 2 Ways to Track A Cell Phone without Them Knowing

However, the more you use this medium, the more its pros and cons clash your daily accomplishments. Well, smartphones are integrated with operating system and software programs. Whatsapp, Facebook, entertainment apps, games etc. are found in everyone’s phone whether it is a teenager, an adult or an elderly person. The use of WhatsApp and other messenger networks is done frequently for various purposes.

Why are people using spy applications

So, are you constantly finding your spouse or kids busy with cell phones, coming home very later at night and definitely hiding things on their phone by keeping a secretive password lock? Then the time has come when you should find out the reason behind their suspicious behavior. Nowadays, the rational use of spy applications is gaining acceptance because people are really cheating in their relationships, children trying to buckskin their outer world with parents and employees trying to be smart and do double standard games with the employer. A spy application is obliging in revealing the true facts, offer substantiation and validate the behavior of people which you were questioning.

Phone Tracker claim is hovering extraordinary in developed nations because individuals are not retaining allegiance in relationships. Children after a certain age need a smartphone and they try to disregard what parents request them for security purposes. The Internet is a free medium and that is why it becomes very tranquil for the children to misuse them. In order to keep a track on all doings which are in contradiction of the healthy relationships while sitting in your comfort zone, you need to buy a spy application package.

How to hide spy application functions from the suspect

Now the main concern for the spy application user is that the suspect should not come to know about the applications and its activities. But, mostly what happens is that popular spy applications which are downloaded from the play store are available for free and require the target phone help manually to complete the installation and to make spy applications features function properly.

But the major concern is that what are those 2 ways to track a cell phone without them knowing? Yes, there is a technology by which you could genuinely hack or track the cell phone without even giving a single hint to the suspect.

The first way to track a cell phone without using revealing your spy activity

The first way to track a cell phone without using revealing your spy activity
The first way to track a cell phone without using revealing your spy activity

It is important to download an application which says cell phone tracker or phone spy. There are various applications which work on the simple format, but various are paid apps that require payment in advance. FreePhoneSpy Application is genuine that works completely in an invisible mode.

What are the features of FreePhoneSpy app

This spy application is loaded with the amazing features because of which it has gained tremendous user reviews online.

  1. Tracks call logs– all call data that is available in present and 2 days back are in records after the installation of the application on the target phone. You can see all the data related to missed, received or dialed calls on your control panel of the application anytime.
  2. Details of messages– usually SMS tracker is a separate application used to track phone messages, but in the respective application you receive this feature as inbuilt. All messages sent, deleted or received are saved in the control panel of the application which is reflected on your dashboard for a view.
  3. Social network tracking– all social network accounts are under surveillance by the application on the target phone. Messenger texts, data shared and all activities on social networks are tracked by the spy software.
  4. Audio recordings- the calls which are suspicious will be recorded for like 2 minutes or above according to the spy software package you have opted for. The recordings are saved in your control panel for future. They remain on your dashboard until you delete them manually or run out of space.

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What are the steps involved

You need to follow certain steps to install the FreePhoneSpy application-

Step 1- go to the official website of the spy application via Google search engine or through the web browser. Download the program from the website and then run the application. If you have an android OS then it will be executed via play store or else on iTunes for iPhone.

Step 2- the application will be installed on the target phone first and then on your PC or smartphone. The target phone is required only for the installation purposes. After installing the application on the suspect’s phone, you will see that verification is done and the icon is disappeared completely.

Step 3- you need to open your control panel and connect with target phone. The spy application will read the available device and will form a connection so that all data could be sent easily to the user’s phone from target phone whenever it comes online.

This way, the GPS location, messages, media files etc. will be available for access but the target phone user will not come to know about the spy activities. The only way to find the application icon is to go to the application manager and see the app in the list.

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2nd way to track a cell phone

2nd way to track a cell phone
2nd way to track a cell phone

Another big hit method to track a phone without them knowing is bluffing with the MAC address. A phone is spoofed by interchanging the MAC address. This is the address comprised of 12 digits unique identity number which is given to each cell phone individually. Every phone has its different unique identity and this particular address reads all the data of your device.

  • When you go to the settings and open the section called “about device”, there you will find Wi-Fi MAC address. This identity address is available on all smartphones of every operating system.
  • Note down the target phone’s address somewhere and also do the same with your address. After that keep the target phone aside, and enter the 12 digit code on your phone where MAC address was located. Enter ok and just install the WhatsApp account again.
  • The phone of the suspect will get OTP that you need to enter once with the suspect’s phone number. Now the WhatsApp account will be operational on both the devices and the suspect will not have any idea about its hacked status. Remember, the entire process of MAC address alteration will take time and you must use the target phone when it is actually available to you for at least 20 to 30 minutes at max.
  • There is no evidence of icon saved on the target phone which can give any hint to him about phone spy or tracking procedures. This method is most applicable when you don’t want to invest money like it is necessary to do in spy applications for premium services.

What is the benefit of using Free Phone Tracker FreePhoneSpy

What is the benefit of using Free Phone Tracker FreePhoneSpy
What is the benefit of using Free Phone Tracker FreePhoneSpy

With the use of FreePhoneSpy, you can get successful details about the target phone without even touching their phone now and then. It is very risky to keep a check on passwords, creates mental tension to keep a track of their activities when they are out of the house. It is not possible to go after them when they leave the house premises or building because you have multiple tasks to perform, and have your own job to perform each day.

  • Saves time
  • Gives evidence
  • Provides GPS location
  • Records call and offer proofs with accuracy

Rather wasting time and investing mind and money on detective roles, it is feasible to invest in one-time software fee. FreePhoneSpy are safe to use and have no complications in future. Your data remains safe as no information is declared anywhere online or in the software.

Which is the reliable source to download the spy applications

It is sagacious to all that each spy application which is accessible through the safe platform like an official website must be considered for installation. The third party applications are not very safe as they might contain malware virus and could harm your device. Even the major problem persists with the use of the third-party application is that your device needs to be rooted or jailbreak for receiving the hacked target phone’s messages.

If you are requested to pay for the third-party applications on a website, then avoid them. This may track the details of your credit card and lead you to a big financial disaster. Always opt for reliable and genuine sources such as play store, spy application’s official website or else the operating system’s inbuilt cell phone track software.

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