2 Ways to Track an iPhone without Them Knowing

2 Ways to Track an iPhone without Them Knowing

2 Easy Ways to Track an iPhone without target person knowing

If you are looking for the easiest ways to track an iPhone without the target person knowing, then you are landed on the right page. There are so many factors why you need tracking an iPhone, maybe you are concerned about your child future or maybe worried about your relationship. Your business also calls for tracking your employees of increasing your company productivity.

2 Easy Ways to Track an iPhone without target person knowing
2 Easy Ways to Track an iPhone without target person knowing

As such there are many ways by which you can easily track iPhone without the target person knowing, in this article will discuss about 2 major ways, let’s have a look:

1st way- tracking an iPhone using FreePhoneSpy

1st way- tracking an iPhone using FreePhoneSpy
1st way- tracking an iPhone using FreePhoneSpy

One of the important reasons to go with FreePhoneSpy is its user friendly interface, apart from its features. This spy app is compatible with all type of operating systems and all versions of IOS. You can track an iPhone in the most simple and easy method without any special technical skills. If you are wondering what are the lightning features of

FreePhoneSpy that always best for iPhone tracking tasks, then you must have to read the features mentioned below. This will clear all your doubts regarding FreePhoneSpy.

Features of FreePhoneSpy

  • Password access-using this feature you can identify saved and strong passwords from the target device. FreePhoneSpy has keylogger that can record all key strokes made on the keyboard by the victim.  After recording it will send all passwords to a remote account.
  • Bugs camera and microphone- If you want to know what is happening around the target device, you can do with this feature. FreePhoneSpy can open the target phone camera discreetly, so you can secretly click pics or record a video of surroundings. Even more, you can turn on the microphone of the target phone remotely you can listen to surrounding voice too.
  • Accessing files- if you need evidence or want to delete something from the target device, you can do with this feature. With this feature, you can view all the current or deleted files from the target device. Moreover, if the target person makes any change in their gallery, you immediately get notified.
  • Location trackingIt is one of the key features of FreePhoneSpy, using it you can easily track the location of your target person. This app gives you real time map location of your target person, even if you are not online, all details get recorded and saved to the user control panel which you can access any time by logging in your account. Importantly, it offers geo fence feature by which you can restrict your target person area and you will get a notification if he/she crosses it.

Follow the steps to get started with FreePhoneSpy

  • Step 1- start tracking by making an account on its official site –, just be prepared with a valid email address and password as you make an account.  In the email you will get verification link, so make sure email that you have entered is active. Once you filled all credentials go to the further process.
  • Step 2- Now you are redirected into the setup wizard page. Here you will need to provide necessary details about target person device, such as operating system, email address, mobile number, and device model.
  • Step 3-in the next step, you need the ICloud id and password of iPhone. You can do this by opening your account and click on the start button, this turn on the administration services. By doing this, you can do tracking with stealth mode, so your victim never gets a clue about tracking.
  • Step 4– when you have done, your account control panel got connected with the target device. Open the app in your remote device or browser click on the top left corner to open function menu.  In the control panel, you can manage different spying features. Here you can see the hidden mode, after enabling it spy app gets hidden so your victim never caught you.

FreePhoneSpy works via an online server. You can try it’s a trial or paid version as per your convenience.

2nd way- tracking an iPhone using Find My Phone

2nd way- tracking an iPhone using Find My Phone
2nd way- tracking an iPhone using Find My Phone

If you want an alternative method to track on iPhone, you can do this by downloading Find My Phone app. This application is available for free that allows you tracking by using only iCloud id. It utilizes the Google maps and tracks down the real-time location of iPhone. Using this app you can create a new password and deletes its content remotely.  It is the best app if your iPhone gets stolen or lost, you can also set alarms if you forgot your iPhone in your room. Moreover, it is beneficial you to must download this app before using iPhone.

It is one of the prominent apps, never disappoint you. Follow the mentioned steps to track using find my phone app.

  • Open the web browser and log in to iCloud website using registered apple id and pass.
  • Now choose the option to find my location and it will show the current location of the phone in a map with a green dot.
  • Click on the “i” option which is shown next to the iPhone green dot. You will get a lot of options here.
  • In next step click on the send a message or play sound option. Choosing this option iPhone will make a loud noise if it is at home, or you can simply send a message. Also, you remotely lock the iPhone and set a four-digit password. Moreover, you can clean everything from the target device using Find My Phone app.
  • Now open the “My Device” and click on the iCloud logo so you can return to the home screen.
  • At last click on the close session button to exist.
  • So this is how you can track iPhone using find my phone app.


From above-mentioned ways you can try one as per your convenience, however, you can try a FreePhoneSpy as it offers more feature apart from tracking.

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