2 Ways to Spy on Facebook Messages without the Phone

2 Ways to Spy on Facebook Messages without the Phone

Whether or not you can justify the spying on someone’s privacy, there are plenty of apps to help you achieve your goal. Parents today are worried about the amount of exposure their kids receive and witness on the internet. Be it oversharing of information or receiving backlash over a minor issue, the exposure comes with several drawbacks. Even friends and spouses need to stay updated in case the other one runs into a risk or is cheating in some way. However, it becomes difficult when the target phone is erased from the scenario. Without installing a software, you may think that spying would be practically impossible. Fortunately, that is not the case, as several apps have been released on the market that do not require target phone installation.

Get the 2 Ways to Spy on Facebook Messages without the Phone

In this article, the two most effective software for hacking Facebook messages have been thoroughly discussed. With either of the software, you will get unique access besides the unparalleled benefits.

Get the 2 Ways to Spy on Facebook Messages without the Phone
Get the 2 Ways to Spy on Facebook Messages without the Phone

What does spying of Facebook messages involve

There are primarily two methods of hacking a Facebook account: rooting and without rooting. For either of these methods to work, you would need an external spy software that is available for OS(s) like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and more. The spy software then demands information about the account you want to hack. You can start using the software entirely once you have registered on their official website. Some software demand access to the device you are using. You can allow the access, as this will enable you to get a more personalised control over the spying.

How do the Facebook spying apps function

How do the Facebook spying apps function
How do the Facebook spying apps function

You can either use the Facebook spying apps for spying on a person suspected of running or committing a fraud or on someone who is at risk of communicating with suspicious accounts. Once you get past the disrespecting-the-privacy issue, you can actually realise how healthy this whole practice can turn out to be. Some of the most common functions of how spy apps sneak up on target phones are:

The apps can hack the GPS location of the phone and let you know where your target or their phone is.

  • Access to social media

The spy apps are an excellent medium to monitor social media activities, messages and screen time.

  • Contact list access

These spy apps even let you access the contact lists of the target phones enabling you to get suspicious numbers.

These apps give you control over the target phone’s texts, calls and even lets you record calls with live surroundings.

#1 FreePhoneSpy

#1 FreePhoneSpy
#1 FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy is counted as one of the top spying apps of all time and has more personalised controls over the hacking of the Facebook account than any other app. While you download this app for hacking someone’s Facebook messages, you will notice that it harbours a plethora of other functions like hacking the phone camera, monitoring the text messages, monitoring the browsing history and app screen times, recording calls and more.

Facebook access Using FreePhoneSpy

It is one of the rarest spy apps on the market that hacks the phone entirely. Once you use FreePhoneSpy upon the target phone, the user cannot hide anything from you in their phone. It targets the Facebook app mainly by involving a variety of hacking options, however, it is not limited to that as mentioned earlier. Here are the activities you can do after spying a Facebook account:

  • You can see their tags, comments and posts even if they have hidden the information from the public or friends, as you have hacked the account. You can also find their comments on others’ posts and photos.
  • The Messenger app for Facebook stores all the conversations typed in the app. All you need to do is hack the target phone with the FreePhoneSpy app and read all the conversations. You can see the date and the time of the messages sent and received and even read the messages that have been archived or deleted.
  • You can access their friend’s list even if they have configured it as hidden from the public eye. If you suspect that the target has contacts with a suspecting person, you will know through their friend list.
  • Apart from accessing the conversations, you can even see the files shared over the conversations on their Facebook Wall.

#2 Spy Cell

#2 Spy Cell
#2 Spy Cell


Spy Cell is another outstanding spying app that hacks the phone entirely without the knowledge of the user. Once you have hacked the phone, much like FreePhoneSpy, you can practically exercise every control over the phone ranging from monitoring and accessing calls and text messages to reading the Facebook conversation and taking pictures with the target phone.

The biggest feature of the Spy Cell app is its Facebook access. It hacks the conversations with the exact date and time of the texts and even shows you the files shared over the app. You can have access to the hidden and deleted message and keep track of your child, spouse or friend.

Benefits of Spy Cell

You may ponder over the morale surrounding hacking and spying on someone without their prior knowledge. Although this may sound invasive, you have a right to information that affects you. Also, if it is your child whom you suspect of winding up in danger, accessing their Facebook conversation would not seem such a bad idea.

  • Secure self-account

What TheTruthSpy does to another person’s phone is invasive, which is why it recognises the faults of the system and makes sure your account is not hacked in a similar fashion.

  • Monitor your child’s safety

With the number of paedophiles and kidnappers lurking around today, you might naturally want to keep your child safe at all costs. Moreover, a bad company could aggravate someone’s downfall; hence, as a concerned parent, you can keep your child safe with the help of TheTruthSpy.

  • Catch unfaithful spouse

Facebook is the leading social media today that encourages extramarital affairs and even marriages. By hacking your partner’s Facebook conversations, you can almost instantly be sure of their unfaithfulness.

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