10 Ways to Use Spy Text Apps to Read Text Messages

10 Ways to Use Spy Text Apps to Read Text Messages
10 Ways to Use Spy Text Apps to Read Text Messages
Review: 10 Ways to Use Spy Text Apps to Read Text Messages
  • #1 FreePhoneSpy
  • #2 TheTruthSpy
  • #3 NetSpy
  • #4 iMessage
  • #5 SMS Back Up+
  • #6 mSpy
  • #7 GPS Tracking Apps
  • #8 XNSPY
  • #9 GuestSpy
  • #10 Flexispy


Get Best 10 Ways to Use Spy Text Apps to Read Text Messages. These apps are highly effective to spy on the text messages anonymously

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Get Best 10 Ways to Use Spy Text Apps to Read Text Messages

Technological advancements have simplified our lives in the modern times. One of the greatest inventions of this century is the Internet and it has changed the idea of communication in 2018. The vast reach of the Internet has affected every sphere of our lives and it is still working to make our lives better. The smartphone is also another groundbreaking invention of this century. Now millions of people are connected with their near and dear ones, social media has helped to get connected with strangers on the internet and several risk factors have appeared along with the benefits. Thus, it has become important to keep track of activities on the phone. One such important things that one can track is the text messages.

Get Best 10 Ways to Use Spy Text Apps to Read Text Messages
Get Best 10 Ways to Use Spy Text Apps to Read Text Messages


Electronic surveillance is an important thing in the 21st century and it is a much-needed thing in this ever-changing the world. Monitoring and spying used to be a critical thing in the early days but the technological advancement has pushed it to reach up to a new level. Cyberbullying, online harassments have made the Internet a dangerous place for the users and now it is possible to safeguard them just by monitoring their use. Most of the applications ask the users to sign up using their details to use the features.

Today’s apps are very effective and most of the apps are comprised with advanced features like real-time location tracking, accessing text and social messages, anonymous call recording, remote camera and video camera use etc. Now we will discuss some leading monitoring apps and their features.

There are numerous softwares available for monitoring solutions. These softwares offer various features like text message spying, location tracking, accessing call history and contact list, calendar updates etc. Once you purchase the software, it will instruct you on installation and once you are done with the processes, you can spy on the targeted devices.

#1 FreePhoneSpy

#1 FreePhoneSpy
#1 FreePhoneSpy

The smartphone comes with numerous sensors and it can be used to monitor others’ activities easily. You won’t have to do multiple things to keep an eye on someone. You can use your FreePhoneSpy Free Phone Tracker to track other’s activities. If you have faced issues like addiction or cheating, you can easily spy on the text messages of your partner. You can find a lot of spying guide on the internet. These guides are offered for free of cost. You can download FreePhoneSpy app and go through the instructions and apply it. You have to follow some simple steps and you can spy on their messages instantly. The best thing about using such technology is that the person on the other side won’t detect you and your intentions are fulfilled.

#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy
#2 TheTruthSpy

Website: http://thetruthspy.com

TheTruthSpy is another popular spying app comprised of numerous advanced features. The app is available on both iOS and Android and the vast array of features have made it a popular spying app in 2018. Similar to other leading spying applications, The Truth Spy allows the users to track messages and stream live audio. Users can record the calls secretly and access social media messages on different platforms including Facebook, BBM, PIN, WhatsApp, Line, Skype, WeChat, Viber, Yahoo Messenger, Hangouts, KIK, Snapchat, Telegram, Tinder etc. The truth Spy is a very popular app among the users and you can read about the features before installing it.

#3 NetSpy

#3 NetSpy
#3 NetSpy

Website: https://www.netspy.net

Nowadays, monitoring apps are being used by in different areas to monitor the activities. Sometimes people are concerned about their loved ones and willing to keep an eye on them. The world is becoming more violent and unsafe for people and you can’t deny the importance of electronic surveillance in 2018. NetSpy is one of the most popular spying apps for monitoring your near and dear ones. The app comprises multiple advanced features like anonymous call and video recording, remote control features, tracking calls, accessing messages, contacts, real-time location and all these features will fulfil your purpose effectively. NetSpy allows you to limit the screen time and the app is very helpful to monitor the activities of at a workplace or home. If you are thinking to use an advanced mobile app for monitoring solutions, don’t think and try it now.

#4 iMessage

iOS is one of the most popular operating systems for smartphones and if you are using it, you can avail some advantages through it. We are talking about the special spying features enabled for iOS and you can spy on the text messages easily. We hope, you have heard about iMessage and you can monitor text messages on any targeted device. If you are willing to spy on the messages secretly you should follow some basic steps. Go to the phone settings from your phone and tap on ‘send and receive’. You can add the targeted device and it will give you access to the text messages. If you have doubts regarding the process you can search on the internet. You will find multiple blogs and forums discussing similar topics and you can also find tutorial videos too.

#5 SMS Back Up+

SMS back up+ is one of the most reliable apps to track the text messages of an iPhone. Mobile applications have changed the idea of monitoring in the 21st century and now the technology is being used in different areas. SMS back up+ don’t just allow you to spy on the text messages but it also allows you to control the device remotely. SMS back up+ is highly popular among the users for offering multiple features and being convenient at the same time. If you have the interest to spy on the messages, this app is a must-have. You will find plenty of options and we recommend you to conduct the basic research before downloading the app on your phone. You can also check the ratings to get an idea regarding their services.

#6 mSpy

mSpy is another leading spying apps available nowadays. The monitoring app is highly famous for being simple and it offers multiple features to the users. If you are willing to monitor someone’s text messages anonymously, nothing could be better than using such spying apps. mSpy is highly effective and the advanced services have made it very reliable for the users. It gives the access to the social media messages like Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder and others. The apps also comprise additional features like accessing browsing history, contact lists, media, real-time location tracking, secret voice and call recording, block apps and remote control features and others.

#7 GPS Tracking Apps

Spying has become easier with the help of GPS tracking apps available nowadays. The GPS tracking apps are great to monitor the activities of an individual secretly. These apps come along with numerous advanced features you can track their messages, browsing history, social media messages etc. We recommend you to conduct a study on the GPS tracking apps before using it. If you are thinking to use monitoring apps, just take some moment and think about using a GPS Tracking app.


If you are searching for an effective app for spying the text messages, you must have heard the name of XNSPY. XNSPY is one of the leading spy apps that are not just limited to spying text messages. A user can avail multiple advanced features by using it. Digital safety has become a major concern in the 21st century and XNSPY is a reliable app to safeguard your loved ones from unwanted perils. XNSPY offers exclusive features like accessing text messages and contact lists, phone call tracking, real-time location detection service, online browsing activities and emails, call recording, customized alerts, remote control features, social media messages and keylogger features for a different kind of monitoring experience. If you are searching for an updated monitoring app for your smartphone, you can take a look at the features.

#9 GuestSpy

GuestSpy is renowned spying software available today and you can avail many inventive features from this software and no one could be able to detect your presence. If you are looking for an affordable spying solution, you can have a look at it.

#10 Flexispy

Flexispy is one of the leading spying apps available on the android. The spy apps are now used in different fields like many companies use it to keep an eye on their workers at the workplace. The app is comprised of various advanced features like real-time location tracking, messages tracking, social media messages tracking, remote camera and others. Users can also set customized alerts through this app. The app is one of the leading monitoring apps and you can try it out if you are looking for an effective spying app.


These are the ways and benefits of popular monitoring apps available on iOS and Android. These apps are highly effective to spy on the text messages anonymously. If you are about to use effective apps for monitoring, we suggest you try these tips. If you liked our post share it with your family and friends and help them to learn about electronic surveillance.