How To Intercept Text Messages Without Target Phone

How to intercept text messages without target phone
How to intercept text messages without target phone

How can you intercept text messages for free without target phone

It is true that technical era today has greatly benefitted people. With the pros, the cons are also there and cons are that there are many hackers available all across the globe that are always ready to keep eye on own details. So, to safeguard yourself and belongings like children, spouse, friend and employees what can be done?

How can you intercept text messages for free without target phone
How can you intercept text messages for free without target phone

This article will tell you all about the right solution and that is making use of spy tool; that will definitely bring information about all that is happening in your dearest one life. You as a parent can see who is keeping an eye on kids and spouse information. This article will tell you about the popular mobile tracking tool that works remotely without having to installation on the victim device.

FreePhoneSpy – One of the biggest spy tool for you

FreePhoneSpy - One of the biggest spy tool for you
FreePhoneSpy – One of the biggest spy tool for you

So you always want to undergo spying of a person’s device. If it is so then you need the highly effective and powerful tool that will assist you in gathering all the essential details.  The users that are using the spy app are naming the FreePhoneSpy to be the most powerful as well as incredible spy tool available into the market. Why is it so? The reason is that the app is having many innovative features provided by the FreePhoneSpy.

The features of the app can be an advanced version based or basic on the subscription package that you choose. If in case you picked the basic version then it is actually a free trial version and then a user can make use of limited features. If in case you have chooses the premium version then you as a hacker will definitely get reward with the highly advanced features that will make spying journey a lot easier and convenient.

On the other hand, the only thing that a user needs is keeping in mind is that the app is to be installed from the original website using URL address instead of getting it from the unknown source. It will reduce data theft risks. It all begins up with the site visiting and creating the user account. Finally, a user can track the suspect activities. The information on social media site activities, GPS location, internet history, etc will be collected. A user can recover the phone data of the stolen or lost one.

How to use it

Here are listed a few easy to follow steps that will allow you in getting this effective and powerful mobile phone tracking tool without having to install it on the target phone.

  • Step 1: At first a user of FreePhoneSpy need to land on the spy app authentic link-( The link will provide all other essential details like app tool main purpose and its privacy policy.
  • Step 2: Now you need to hit on downloads and installs option. After you hit the option the app will begin to download and install. Allow the notifications and permissions asked at the time of app installation.
  • Step 3: Now you need to create a user account. Yes, it is true that you need to create a user account and that is to provide a platform where every single detail that is saved easily.
  • Step 4: Now a user needs to provide the details of the suspect like the OS he or she uses and of course the mobile number. The details will be processed after all the essential activities are completed.
  • Step 5: Just log in to the user account through the valid username and password. Now you must have to9 make the use of all the features provided that is available at the drop down menu form.

Features that this app is providing

  • Managing the contacts and calls With the assistance of the app, you are fully free to do the recording of the calling and save those from the cell phone of the victim. All the call logs details like calls time, calls duration call date, involved persons will be fully discovered and will be uploaded to the spy tool.
  • Text messages Spy– The app is greater at tracking all the text messages and allows you in reading the content of every sent message and deleted messages. All the information will be available at the wizard control panel without missing anything important.
  • Ambient listening It is the interesting and newest feature of the app that allows one in listening to all that is happening at the surrounding of the victim. Doesn’t matter if you are not present there to see what is happening at the surrounding of the targeted phone, this feature helps you in knowing all those easily.
  • Multimedia files spying With the help of this feature a user can easily do the tracking of all the available multimedia files. All the available videos, images, photos, PPT, etc will be easily hacked by the victim. This will provide a hacker clear insight into those from the cell phone of the victim.
  • Keep full track of location This is something that is really awesome as with the help of this tracking feature a user can easily do the monitoring of the victim device and subsequently the victim. This is helpful as from home or office you can keep eye on the location activities of the kids and spouse. GPS tracking always has been a highly useful tool and can be helpful to you in all possible way.
  • Spy on social media apps- This feature helps a user in hacking at all the available social media apps activities. This is helping one in tracking the activities done on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, Skype, twitter, etc.

Specialties of the app

  • The app is undetectable and allows a hacker to remain fully hidden from the targeted person reach.
  • The app is compatible with OS like iOS and android.
  • If SIM is changed sit will easily notify to the hacker.
  • It is having a user-friendly interface, thus can be used easily without any troubles.


If you are really willing to enjoy all the benefits offered by the tracking tool then you must choose the premium package.  For more details, it will be better that you head into its official website.



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