Viber Hack

Viber Hack using FreePhoneSpy

Apart from Facebook and Instagram, another popularly used social media app in the market is Viber. It can be used for contacting and chatting with friends, and family members. Since it is a messaging tool, it is free to use and you are not required to pay anything for it. You just require a fast and stable internet connection so as to freely access all the messages and calls. It can even be used for sending texts, sharing videos and photos or making video calls.

Viber Hack using FreePhoneSpy
Viber Hack using FreePhoneSpy

However, there are lots of parents who want to know and keep an eye over their kid’s activities. The parent wants to know to whom the kid talk and chat on Viber. Thus, in this regard, the developers have created an amazing tracking tool known as FreePhoneSpy. It is a reliable, trustworthy and effective tracking tool. This article contains everything related to it and the worried parents can make use of the app to gather online data from the Viber account of the kid.

About Viber hacking tool

If being a parent you are willing to hack kid’s Viber account and gather online data, you can try the services of the FreePhoneSpy. It is definitely the right choice. The app will offer you convenience as well as reliable service. It is easy to use and surely it will bring 100% accurate as well as cost-effective results. It enables you to completely track all the activities of the suspect. It can work well on devices like windows, android, and iphone. The application has got great rating and reviews from the existing customers and thus this provides advantages to the new users as it justifies all the services with pricing plans.

In addition to this, the app offers the parent to monitor call logs and text messages that got made or received on the Viber account. All the shared files, videos and photos get hacked using this tool. Through the aid of it, you can see the final location of the suspect. It will facilitate you with recent as well as old locations along with the date and time details. You can undergo the tracking process once you reach the user-friendly as well as user accessible dashboard.

In order to access the application fully, you are required to follow certain steps that would allow you to download and install the app. You first have to visit the official site of FreePhoneSpy and hit the download button. Now you have to install the app on your device. The next thing you need to do is creating an account. For account creation, you require valid ID proof and password. You can view all the activities of the kid through the dashboard.

Features of the hacking tool

Given below are some interesting features of the hacking tool. These features are essential to execute spying. Have a look over it and make use of it while you have an account-

  • WhatsApp spy– the WhatsApp spies is one of the most used features by worldwide users. It is because of the fact that it can track all the WhatsApp text messages and multimedia files. In the multimedia file, things like GIFs, emojis and other things can be hacked.
  • GPS location as the names suggests it is a location hacking feature. You can easily find the new location of the kid when he or she gets ahead outside. You can receive date time and place the stamp. One can view the movement of the kid, spouse or the employees.
  • Text message spying– the text messages send and received by the kid on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp can be tracked using this feature. All the posted photos, videos as well as files will be known using this feature.
  • Notification- the notification feature is essential it is because you will get notified or verified when the kid makes any move. You will come to know the live activity of the kid. This way you can catch the kid if you find him or her doing something awful.
  • Call recording– the call recording feature comes at the second position when it comes to hacking on someone. It is because most of the conversation gets held on calls rather than on messages. Parents can see to whom the kid talks and what sort of conversation is held between him and the other person.


FreePhoneSpy is the best application for parents. Parents can get all the information about their kid and view their activities.