Top 5 WeChat Spy Tools for Android

Top 5 WeChat Spy Tools for Android

Read Top 5 ways for WeChat Spy Tools for Android

WeChat is the most popular and new messaging services nowadays. This app is free to download and this app allows its users to keep in touch your loved ones and send messages from one device to another through WeChat without any hassle. WeChat is widely used for making text messages and call conversations and allow sending instant short messages and this app comes with individual and group chat feature.

Read Top 5 ways for WeChat Spy Tools for Android
Read Top 5 ways for WeChat Spy Tools for Android

As we all know, with the advancement of new technology, everyone has a Smartphone and children may deliver inappropriate content such as violence, cyberbullying, and porn on their WeChat account. Sometime employees may also use WeChat to perform inappropriate behaviors against the company’s benefits and most important if you are in a relationship and you have doubt on your girlfriend/boyfriend activity on their We chat account. To consider all these problems, many people demand WeChat spy tools for android mobile device and it is normal now. In this article, we are discussing top 5 WeChat Spy tools for android phone and that will definitely help you to hack anyone WeChat account history without knowing them.

With the use of spy tools, you can protect your loved ones by fall from any bad activity, cybercrime and any kind of online theft. There are so many spy tool is available online, sometimes it is difficult to choose, so keep reading this article, we help you to guide how to chose right spy tools to hack WeChat account online in an easy and secure way. This spy tool does not require much technical and coding knowledge to hack WeChat account.

Top 5 WeChat Spy Tools for Android Device:

#1 FreePhoneSpy

#1 FreePhoneSpy
#1 FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy is the most popular spy tool that has been taking care of all your personal and professional digital safety needs. This spy app is trusted by many people all around the world. This app is world’s first spy tool that is available for all android phone and tablets. This app is legal to use and it is easy to use and it is 100% undetectable. With the help of this app, you can easily hack anyone WeChat messages without knowing them.

Features of FreePhoneSpy

  • GPS tracker
  • Monitor social media sites
  • View multimedia files
  • Spy SMS and phone calls
  • Ambient listening and more

How to download and install FreePhoneSpy

Follow these steps and this will help you to download FreePhoneSpy in an easy way. You just require an internet connection to download this app.

  • Step1- You can download FreePhoneSpy
  • Step2- Install this application in target phone device, register and create a new account by entering email id and password.
  • Step3- if you want to track target mobile activity in a hidden and undetectable way, you can click on hide icon.
  • Step4- Now you have to login in your FreePhoneSpy control panel with email and password to view personal messages of WeChat account online of your loved ones.

#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy
#2 TheTruthSpy


It is the second popular spy tool which is available in the market today. This app supports both iOS and Android device. When it comes to WeChat spy tool for Android, the name TheTruthSpy is always on the top. It is a spying or hacking tool that lets you monitor someone’s WeChat conversations without any hacking techniques. You just have to sign up for a TheTruthSpy account and install this application on the target device, and you will be able to spy someone’s WeChat.

Features of TheTruthSpy

  • It can monitor text messages, contacts and phone calls.
  • This spy app helps to track the GPS location of the target mobile device
  • You can hack social media as well as instant messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber can also be hacked aside from WeChat
  • It is allowed to check photos and videos of the target mobile device.
  • Most importantly, this app steals the all information of target mobile device without even notice that their phone is being spied.

You can download this app from any reliable site or its official site. This spy tool is compatible with both Android and iOS device.

#3 GuestSpy

#3 GuestSpy
#3 GuestSpy


This app is known as parent control software and it is spying tool for android and best app for WeChat spying. This spy tool also allows monitoring of other social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Skype, and other instant messaging apps. This spy tool has features like call log tracker, call recording, SMS spy and others. This app is easy to use and you can easily track your child activity with the use of this spy app. This app is available for premium version or you can also trial its free version. You can also try its trial before you buy it.

Features of GuestSpy

  • Spy social media messages including WeChat
  • You can turn the victim’s device into a voice recorder and listen to its surroundings
  • You can track live locations, see pictures, videos as well as voice messages.

#4 PhoneSpying


Due to its features, PhoneSpying is the most demanding WeChat spy tool for Android that is available on the internet today. This spy tool supports spying on both Android as well as iOS devices. This app spies the activity of target phone device and sends it to the hacker via the internet. This spy tool has many great features like tracking call logs, text messages, social media as well as the GPS location of the target mobile device. This spy tool is available in premium version and it also allows its user to access its feature on a trial basis.

Features of PhoneSpying

  • Easy to use and supports multiple operating systems
  • Good Customer support is available
  • Easy to download and install
  • Remote monitoring and blocking facility
  • 100% undetectable and more

#5 FlexiSpy


Everyone who wants to spy on the WeChat account of their spouse, employee and children, would probably know the features of the FlexiSpy tool. It is a well-known app for WeChat spy tool for Android in the industry. This spy tool is easy monitors someone’s WeChat messages without the need to root the target device. This spy tool is compatible with both Android and mobile device. This spy app allows you to view GPS locations, photos, videos, and web history that are exactly happening on the target device.

Features of FlexiSpy

  • Monitor everything that will happen on PC or MAC
  • Remote installation service without any hassle
  • Used for parental control and employee monitoring
  • Runs in a hidden and invisible mode in target mobile device

These are some popular mobile spy tools that will help you to take control of your child, spouse or employee without knowing them. You can easily monitor their WeChat activity by using the above mention spy tool.

Why should you spy WeChat messages

Why should you spy WeChat messages
Why should you spy WeChat messages

Along with huge benefits of Wechat social media platform, there exist some serious problems. Some reasons are discussed to use spy tool for hacking your loved ones personal activity on WeChat.

  1. Parental monitoring: WeChat offers great functionality for all age group but kids are venerable and as a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are safe. Spy software is the best tool and it is the best way to take care of your children and know their activities on the phone. Many parents all around the world use spy tool to monitors WeChat activities of their child and protect them from any kind of dangerous online.
  2. Employee Monitoring: There are many employees at the workplace, if you want to maintain discipline in the workplace you can choose spy tool. This tool is used by many businesses to monitor their employee activity, it is because employees become less productive, and they have spent much time on chatting with friends or family via WeChat and other chat apps. It will be necessary for the company to monitor their WeChat messages for their digital safety needs.
  3. Know about your spouse: if you are in a relationship or a married couple and wants to know about your spouse activity then spy tool is the best option in front of you. This spy tool helps to check the loyalty of your partner. If you have always doubt on your partner activity then you can use this spy app as per your suitability and monitor your spouse activity in a hidden way.


You can use this spy tool to monitor anyone’s personal activity without knowing them. Before you download this spy tool make sure that you read its complete terms and policy and then download it from a reliable website. Make sure that site is lace with virus certification test so that your mobile is not hanged. With the use of a spy tool, you will always be alert by knowing that anyone’s activity and this spy tool is very easy to use to hack anyone’s activity on WeChat account. Spy tool is the strategy to protect your loved ones from any kind of bad activity.

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