Top 10 Spy Apps for WhatsApp That Parents Should Know

Top 10 Spy Apps for WhatsApp That Parents Should Know

Know the top 10 WhatsApp Spying apps: Especially for parents

With the availability of all possible technical gadgets and knowledge of using them every house, today possess kids and teenagers who are addicted to social networking platforms. In the recent years, messaging platforms like WhatsApp had been known to be greatly in use. Of course, you cannot deny that technology has provided with a new definition of everything around, but it is also true that there are numerous threats that come along with it. Being parents, you need to be greatly considered about the activities that your children conduct using these platforms. Well, like every disease has a cure for it, technological threats have spy applications as a remedy for them.

Know the top 10 WhatsApp Spying apps: Especially for parents
Know the top 10 WhatsApp Spying apps: Especially for parents

To the Parents Knowledge

In the present era, parents need to be as smart as the kids in order to maintain perfect observation over their activities so that they are not led to any problems. And in this case, The Truth Spy becomes one of the best supports for them. The use of spy application enables a person to remain with the target user even when they are away. Not only this, but there are also some of the newest techniques and features which allow you to spy your child’s phone in the best manner. You will not skip any of their activities and would be able to make some wise decisions for them.

Know the top 10 WhatsApp Spy Apps for use

Free Phone Tracker FreePhoneSpy will always prove to be the best choice when you are required to spy WhatsApp messages. However, there are still many more platforms who offer you with similarly well services. When you are a parent, you should know about all of them in order to be able to use them to the fullest. The top 10 spy apps to spy WhatsApp messages have been listed below;

#Number 1- Free Phone Tracker FreePhoneSpy

#Number 1- Free Phone Tracker FreePhoneSpy
#Number 1- Free Phone Tracker FreePhoneSpy


With the best WhatsApp spying features and additional services, this application is one of the most powerful and affordable options for you. Because of its excellence and its extra ordinary intelligence, the truthspy stands on the topmost position among all the other spy apps in the market. You have options that will rarely be found in any other spy application programs. TheTruthspy can probably prove to be the best WhatsApp tracker for you. All the special features mentioned in respect of the app will surely work in the best ways and will let you have desirable results too. The user control panel lets you handle the application easily. Also, the 48-day trial plan will let you have clear insights about the app.

  • Compatible
  • Easy to use and install
  • User control panel and powerful features and functions.

#Number 2- TheTruthSpy App

Number 2- TheTruthSpy App
Number 2- TheTruthSpy App


Ranking second among the best ones this application is also a bunch of extreme features for you. You will have the most appropriate steps to follow and which would lead you to the best of WhatsApp spying. Being one of the renowned brands, MSpy expectedly contributes unmatched services for the customers. This application uses rooting to establish connection with the other device and bring you the details you require. Thus you can view the entire information directly. There are many other additional features that are made available to you with the help of this application. This has be one of the best competitors of the Truthspy app.

  • Compatibility
  • Flexibility and user friendly interface
  • Easy installation
  • No jailbreaking required

#Number 3- GuestSpy


This WhatsApp tracker can be appreciated for the simplicity and reliability it provides with. This can be a great option when you are looking for the tasks without jailbreaking or rooting. Furthermore it is known possess numerous additional features namely call tracking, GPS tracking, screenshot monitoring, detecting the change in SIM card etc. This can easily count among the most beneficial tracking systems available in the market.

  • Compatible
  • Simple functions
  • Innovative features

#Number 4- FlexiSpy

Flexispy is another well known competitor to the Truthspy app. This is one of the powerful spy applications available around. This was the first monitoring software to come up with default features. This can be a great choice in case of online spying software.

  • Ergonomic user panel
  • Compatible
  • Multiple in-depth options

#Number 5- Mobile-Spy App

This is a good option when consider spying for parents. With this application you have plenty of additional features and WhatsApp tracking features. This application is very smart and will help you find the target device. Also the live control panel supports you well with your tasks. Some of the features are truly unmatched and one of their kind.

  • Compatibility
  • Multi-device integration and excellent live options.
  • Monitors with the consent of the target.

#Number 6- Highster Mobile

This is spyware also falls among the best choices for WhatsApp conversation tracker. This usually requires rooting for android devices but can complete the task much early. Also the application is available with all the basic features that are known to be expected from a general mobile spy app. These can prove to be greatly useful and cane let you have some of the best spying results. There are hidden user controls and many other features which allow you to handle things in a better manner.

  • Easy control
  • Hidden functions
  • Easy to install

#Number 7- iKeyMonitor

The major advantage of this application is the perfect keylogger feature that it offers. However for WhatsApp spying and tracking you will require both rooting and jailbreaking. There are many more interesting spying features like the history of internet browsing; unblocking the blocked devices, GPS tracking etc. you can make the best use of this to get your work done. There few basic and straight functions which make the scene even better. This application can prove to be a good help in case you require a WhatsApp tracker.

  • Lifetime licensing
  • You can hide jailbreak info
  • Effective usage

#Number 8- Appmia

This application has emerged as a new name in the industry but with extremely powerful and innovative features. This can prove to be a great guide to you for tracking WhatsApp messages. However with its use you will have to compulsorily use jailbreaking with iOS devices. Get access to all the multimedia files that have been exchanges through WhatsApp. You can control the target device remotely. Also there are many other features like call monitoring, ambient listening and GPS tracking also. There are much more than just the ones mentioned. You will have a completely innovative interface to deal with WhatsApp tracking.

  • Multi-device linking
  • Professional software base
  • Varied spying and monitoring functions

#Number 9- HoverWatch

This application is also one of the most popular spyware in the industry. You will be able to access all the details in the easiest and intuitive ways. When it comes to WhatsApp tracking there are lot of things that this application provides you to do. You can make use of its excellent features to get nearer to your goals. You can spy messages with multiple formats, spy calls, use the live control panel, GPS tracking and many other features for use. You can also make use of these features to spy on other platforms like Skype, Facebook, Viber etc.

  • Compatible
  • High value features
  • Stress free usage and installation.

#Number 10- Spyzie

This spy application is the one that proves to be the best for first time users. There are a lot of basic features that usually help you with WhatsApp message tracking in the easiest manner. This application will always help you to understand things better and bring out considerable good results. This application can also be a good choice when you are looking for easy and reliable services. This will give you a better outlook of the tasks to be done.

  • Re-track messages
  • Easy and basic functions
  • Rooting not compulsory

These are the top 10 spy apps that you can rely upon to track the WhatsApp messages over other phones. However you can never deny the fact the Truth Spy remains to be the best spy application available to you. With extreme features and excellent services you will always be able to catch up with the best solutions. Moreover even if you are required to get some other applications you can use the ones mentioned here. You will always want the best services for you and these applications will surely do it for you.

Tracker applications make it easier

When you go for any other methods of hacking, you will be required to follow some extremely complex processes. These are usually known to confuse you and may make your work lengthy and difficult. However, the availability applications like the Truthspy has made things easier than expectations as you get all the services in a single package. This way you will not need to move to different platforms for different purposes. Therefore get the best applications and services and make out the best of spying.

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