Top 10 Hidden Spy Apps for Android in 2018

Top 10 Hidden Spy Apps for Android

Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android

Nowadays, people are using android apps in large numbers. If you want to know how to target androids for spying, then, you need to know which the Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android.

Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android
Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android
  • #1 FreePhoneSpy
  • #2 TheTruthSpy
  • #3 Phone Tracker
  • #4 Phone Spying
  • #5 NetSpy
  • #6 mSpy
  • #7 Shadow SPY
  • #8 GuestSpy
  • #9 MobiStealth
  • #10 FoneSpy

#1 Free Hidden Spy App – FreePhoneSpy

#1 Free Hidden Spy App FreePhoneSpy
#1 Free Hidden Spy App FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy is one of the best Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android. It comes with the best spying and you can try it for free. If you like it and find useful, you can get it on the premium membership. If you just have to follow simple steps to install this app. Read more why to rely on this app? You can monitor text messages, call logs, IM messages, media files, attachments, emails and the current location of your targeted mobile.

  • Easy steps to follow
  • Call recording
  • Real-time location tracking
  • IM messenger attachments can be read
  • It can hack into the call lists and call logs

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#2 Best Mobile Spy – TheTruthSpy

#2 Best Mobile Spy - TheTruthSpy
#2 Best Mobile Spy – TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy ( is a very basic android spying app. You can use this app hiding it from others. Their simple features and the person trying to use this app need not have technical knowledge. You can monitor, browser history, social media history of Facebook and WhatsApp, and track calls.

  • It can hack into social media apps like Facebook and WhatsApp
  • You can easily hack into messengers with this app
  • This app can also provide with call logs and browser history

#3 Free Phone Tracker

#3 Free Phone Tracker
#3 Free Phone Tracker

Free Phone Tracker ( is another best spy app among Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android. This can be used to track data from other’s mobile. It is one of the best free hidden spy apps. You can monitor your targeted phones from your online account. It can track browser history, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp messages, and Skype messages. You can monitor almost all the social media apps with this spying app. You will have access to browser history and record the surroundings of your targeted phone.

  • It works very efficiently and is much better than other hacking apps
  • You can also listen to what is happening in the surrounding of the targeted phone

#4 Phone Spying

#4 Phone Spying
#4 Phone Spying

Phone Spying is yet another popular spying app among Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android. This is another free app with which you can monitor almost everything on your target phone. From basic monitoring, SMS, call logs to complex monitoring facilities for IM messengers, you can do anything you wish. You can monitor call logs, contacts, IM messages, and text messages. You can also control them remotely as well.

  • This gives the best feature to hack into any IM messenger
  • This can also give access to hacking into call logs and text messages
  • Works fast and is always in the hidden mode

About Phone Spying:

#5 NetSpy

#5 NetSpy
#5 NetSpy

This spying app is easy to use and install easily. If you want an ideal app which can work in stealth, then, Phone Tracker is the best choice that you can choose. It comes with several important features. It will help you to hack SMS, monitor emails, phones calls, and call logs.

  • Easy access to targeted phone
  • You can use it for monitoring text messages, emails, call details and call logs
  • The first subscription is free of cost

About Net Spy:

#6 mSpy

This spying app is one among best working free android spy apps. It is really hard to find such an app. mSpy is one of those best-hidden spy apps, which are free to use. It works petty well. With this app, you can hack into any mobile and their social media accounts as well.

  • You can use this app with the help of browser
  • You can track your targeted mobile anytime you wish
  • Its easy hacking technique makes this tool a lot better to use

About mSpy:

#7 Shadow SPY

If you are looking for a reliable hidden spy app among Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android, then, this app is another great choice that you can make. It has an easy to use interface and enough efficiency for calling it best spy app. Some of its best features work in stealth mode. You will get its free trial.

  • Real-time message hacking
  • You can get access to SMS, call, and social media

About Shadow Spy:

#8 GuestSpy

The best part about this app is that it is most used free android spy tool. In general, it can be really useful in hacking into an Android device. It was ranked one among Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android. Some of its features are listed below. You will get access to text messages, calls, and media files shared using this app.

  • Android phone tracking
  • It gives facility to monitoring employees and kids
  • It can work on any platform

About GuestSpy:

#9 MobiStealth

This is a very high-end mobile monitoring spy app among Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android. Besides SMS and browser history, it lets you record phone calls and get the location of the device. With this app, even the GPS feature is turned on. In case of an emergency, you can seek instant help. You can also do a live chat with support staff.

  • MobiStealth is tamper proof.
  • This ensures the app keeps running in the background at all times.
  • Once installed, the app begins to collect information without ado

About MobiStealth:

#10 FoneSpy

This is just another free android spy app and ranked last among Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android. Irrespective of its ranking, it can help you hack into other’s account. This android spying app can work on IOs and Android both systems. So, you need not worry about getting caught as well. It works secretly and you can monitor all the activities of the targeted phone.

  • You can make calls sitting remotely
  • It has a keylogger feature which is good if you want to hack someone’s password
  • You can view text messages in real time

Its location tracker feature works well.

About FoneSpy:

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