How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages

How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages

Get the best 3 Ways To Spy On iPhone Text Messages

Are you facing cheating issues with your partner in your real life? Does it make your personal life more stressful and miserable? Well, now we have an easy solution for you. iPhone users can monitor text messages on any iOS device and track their activities without their knowledge. If you are worried about being detected, there is no chance. The post will discuss advanced techniques to spy iPhone text messages secretly. If you have the interest to spy on your partners’ activities, you should follow go through the tips.

Get the best 3 Ways To Spy On iPhone Text Messages
Get the best 3 Ways To Spy On iPhone Text Messages

Way 1: Using iMessage

Apple has incorporated an advanced feature to spy on the text messages. iMessage has changed the idea of monitoring with its advanced features and this is one of the easiest ways to track the text messages on a device running on iOS. You have to go to the settings and you can add your targeted device from there. Tap on messages and you can see the messages by tapping on “send and receive”. If you wish to track other people’s activities you can add them by entering their email addresses. If you have a requirement to spy text messages on an iPhone, this technique is a must-try.

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Way 2: Using Monitoring App

If you tend to spy on your partner’s text messages, there are hundreds of monitoring apps available on the Internet. We suggest you look for the best app is FreePhoneSpy that will offer multiple spying features on your phone. Most of the spying apps offer advanced features like real-time location tracking, accessing contact lists and text messages, accessing social media messages, remote camera, video recording, anonymous call recording, accessing photos, videos, other documents, browsing history, remote control and keylogger facilities that have changed the definition of digital surveillance in the 21st century.

Some of these apps also offer customized alerts for particular activities like visiting some places or others. Now, FreePhoneSpy App are being used in many offices to monitor the workers’ activities. If you are looking for effective spying apps, go to the and download it. The apps will ask the users to register so that they can use the features. You have to follow the instructions accordingly and you will learn to spy on other’s text messages easily.

Way 3: Web-Based Tools

You can find many web-based tools that come up along with multiple spying features. You can easily monitor the text messages and it is very effective. The most surprising thing is that you can avail of these features for free of cost.

You can also find some tools that comprise some value-added services but free tools offer adequate features to keep an eye on someone. The features are not limited to just text messages only, you can get other advanced features as well. Some tools offer access to the contact lists, media and browsing history at the same time.

You can search Web-Based Tools “How to spy on text messages” on Google Search.

If you are searching for advanced techniques to spy on the text messages, try these tips.

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