Keep Track of Your Kids With Geofences

Keep Track of Your Kids With Geofences

How to keep track of kids with Geofences

Today’s kids are inquisitive. They love exploring the different things of the entire world, doesn’t matter whether it’s bad or good. It is the parents’ responsibility to show kids’ the right path. Considering this parenting is a tough task. In the high technological world, you as a parent must keep a full eye on the kids’ activities for their safety from real as well as the digital world. The fact is that at a time you end up violating the privacy of kids while safeguarding those.

How to keep track of kids with Geofences
How to keep track of kids with Geofences

However, it is not possible to keep an eye on those for all 24×7 hours. The main thing is that how can you safeguard the children. The right solution is taking advantage of geofencing alerts. Now thinking what is geo-fencing and geofence alert. This article will tell you everything.

Geo-fencing is the technique of creating a virtual geographic boundary that can be used for restricting the children in a particular zone. It relies on Wi-Fi network, GPS technology or cellular data. The tool using it triggers an action whenever the device gets in or out of a particular zone.

Based upon geo-fence, the technique is configured in the tool that you are using, it triggers push notifications on phone in various forms like text messages or alerts. Some geo-fence setup can track activities at a particular zone. It benefits parents as a whenever a kid leaves or enter the area. A parent can easily come to know about the whereabouts of kids and geo-fence alerts.

How to track location with geo-fence alerts

If your kid is using android device surely to trace the location you can use FreePhoneSpy app as no other perfect solution is there aside from it. FreePhoneSpy is a reliable and powerful solution and with the help of this, you can easily track children location in real-time and can get the information about past locations. Take the greater advantage of FreePhoneSpy app and get alerts whenever kids get in or out of the safe area. Earlier it was not so easy for parents to know the location of kids but nowadays with the geo-fence feature, you can track the location of kids’ device and get all information you need from the device remotely.

To set up the app you must follow these steps-

  • Creating an account- To start the process, you must head into the homepage of FreePhoneSpy app ( For this, you must provide an email address where you can get account login information.
  • Finish setup process- After logged in you have to set up the app. For this fill in the target person details like name, OS, number, etc asked.
  • Download the app on target phone- Download the app and you will find apk link from the setup page. Once it is downloaded and installed, login and provides all permission and hit on start monitoring options.
  • Create geo-fence and do monitoring- Sign-in to the Freephonespy app online dashboard, locate geo-fences option and create it. You will get the updates of the target location movements.


In this way, you can set geofence and monitor location moments in addition to the other cellular actions.

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