How to Hack WhatsApp without accessing their phone

How to Hack WhatsApp without accessing their phone
How to Hack WhatsApp without accessing their phone

Hack WhatsApp of your friends without accessing their android

We all use messaging apps like WhatsApp, telegram, etc. These apps are elementary to use, and billions of people use them to connect with their friends and loved ones. Messaging apps let you connect easily and quickly to others within few seconds. You can chat with any people that are in your phone’s contact list via these apps. Apart from sending text messages, they offer you the option of sending video messages, images, documents, audio and video files, etc. apps like WhatsApp take the level of communication to the next level by offering video chat option. The user has to download other apps for video calling, but WhatsApp has incorporated this feature in it and thus makes it the most popular app used by billions of people.


It offers cross-platform messaging services, free messaging services, video calling services, media sharing and much more. Due to its compatibility to work on every platform it has become the top messaging app. iPhone, blackberry, windows, android and Nokia users, everyone uses WhatsApp. The app is available for free to download, easy to install, and available in the latest version and features. Since most of the people use it hence, it could be the possible reason that most of them want to know about WhatsApp Hack.

Just like any other app WhatsApp also has some loopholes which are used very effectively by the hackers. Hackers are well aware how to hack WhatsApp messages of their target. They use advanced hacking techniques and tools to enter in their target’s account. Hackers cleverly steal all their vital details, chats, and media files to use it for their purpose. Every app uses security measures like the end to end encryption to prevent their users’ information and give them complete privacy. But still, their account can be hacked. Want to know how? Then read more.

Whatsapp has serious flaws in its end to end encryption process. That makes it vulnerable to the outsiders to gain access to anyone’s account without their information. A hacker would use a fake MIME where using an HTML file the hacker sends an image to the person on WhatsApp. The moment anyone opens that picture, his account is hacked completely. Now the hacker has full power over his account, he/she can now use his account to share pictures, videos, contacts and can also post them online. Hackers can send messages to anyone on behalf of the victim, and even account of victim’s friends can be hacked.

After getting so many complaints by the users, WhatsApp has fixed this issue. By validating the content, it allows the user to block any malicious files. However, users are advised not to open any file sent by the unknown person. But no matter how caution the user takes, hackers still find a way to get his purpose done.

Hack WhatsApp of your friends without accessing their android
Hack WhatsApp of your friends without accessing their android

Different techniques to hack WhatsApp messages-

Using any of the two methods that are going to be described here anyone can access WhatsApp account of their friends or others.

  1. Method 1: MAC spoofing-

Media access control (MAC) address can help you in hacking WhatsApp messages. It is an identifier of 12 characters which is unique. Your WI-FI device has MAC address which is assigned to its network adapter. MAC address will help in identifying the mobile phone of the victim that is in the local network. MAC address is important to access the victim’s cell; hence you must know how to it to use his/her accounts. Here are ways to do MAC spoofing.

Uninstall your WhatsApp account– the user has to uninstall his account from his mobile device. After hacking WhatsApp, you can reinstall it on your device.

Acquire the victim phone– you must try to get the target device anyhow. You need the phone only for few minutes, so make sure within this time the victim does not see you.

Locate the MAC- the address varies and hence you must find the platform used by the victim. In the settings, you will get the address; Open the “about phone” tab, the status to read the MAC address. Now get the address of your own device.

Alter the MAC– change the address of victim’s device with your address. Your device will look similar to the victim’s device.

Install spoofing apps– depending on the device; various spoof apps are available. Get the one that has your MAC address.

Reinstall WhatsApp– install the WhatsApp on your device, enter the target’s phone number. Now you get complete access to his phone.

Get code– during the configuration, you will get a code. Get it from the victim’s cell; enter it on your WhatsApp. Delete the code from his phone.

Change the MAC- now alters the address that is; enter the original MAC address of your device.

  1. Method 2: Using FreePhoneSpy-

To ease the hacking process, spy apps have been introduced in the market. However anyone can use spy apps, and it is up to the user how and for what purpose he/she uses it. Slowly these apps are gaining popularity because of its success ratio to spy effectively on other person’s mobile. To let you know the name of spy software and how it works, one is described here. FreePhoneSpy is a spying app that is designed and programmed to give the ability to users to spy. It’s a multipurpose app with multiple features. Download the FreePhoneSpy on victim’s cell which you want to monitor and follow the steps.

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Get permission– take the victim phone for a while. Wait for the moment when your target leaves the phone, and you can take over it.

Select spy program– selects the best spy program or app that suits to your device. Consider following factors to find an official app- purpose, efficiency, and non detectable app. FreePhoneSpy has all such features.

Purchase app– purchase and install FreePhoneSpy on the target cell. Follow the instructions to download the app. complete configuration process. Register and make an ID. The ID is given to enter into your dashboard where you will receive the WhatsApp messages. Hide the app by turning off the scan device feature in settings.

A user can use any of the above methods. Both have advantages, but what you can do with FreePhoneSpy, mac spoofing will not let you do that. MAC spoofing will only allow you to hack WhatsApp messages of another person whereas with FreePhoneSpy you can do many more things.

What FreePhoneSpy have for you

What FreePhoneSpy have for you
What FreePhoneSpy have for you

FreePhoneSpy as said offers many more features that will allow you to spy not only on WhatsApp but over victim’s entire phone. Means, one can check the target’s text messages other than WhatsApp messages, and there are lots of features like that. Here is a complete list of FreePhoneSpy features.

Track location– it offers you to view the site of the person on whose mobile you have installed the FreePhoneSpy. Ultimately it informs you whenever the victim goes out along with the information of place, date and time. You can analyze when and where the victim has visited. It is capable of doing it with the help of a GPS tracker. On the map shown on your dashboard, you can see the latest location of the victim.

Spy calls- it turns on the microphone of the victim’s mobile without their consent. Whenever they get an incoming or outgoing call, you will be notified. In the real-time, you can hear what the victim is talking to the other person on mobile. All their conversation will be heard clearly and if you wish you can record them too. Their WhatsApp call and video calls are also being spied without their knowledge.

Spy text messages– may be the victim has no access to the internet, in that case, he/she may use SMS facility to chat to others. If you use only WhatsApp hack tools, then you can read messages sent via WhatsApp. But FreePhoneSpy let you the messages which are not sent via WhatsApp. But now don’t wait for the victim to get internet or WI-FI facility, read all types phone messages.

Track apps– see different app the victim uses. See all the latest apps downloaded recently by the target. If you find them useful, then you can also download it. And you can even block the app or delete any app from his/her phone. FreePhoneSpy let you do even this which no other app offers you.

Access media files– by hacking their WhatsApp account you can only see the data sent on WhatsApp. The audio and video files saved on his phone are also visible to you. See the pdf files, zip files or any other types of data stored on their phone. If you wish to remove them, then this is also possible.

Listen to surroundings– this is an incredible feature of FreePhoneSpy. A spy can even hear the voice of surrounding area of victim via ambient recording feature of FreePhoneSpy. Make a call on his phone, and the call will be received automatically. Record the surrounding voice for the duration you want and save it for later use. No SMS, notification or nothing will be sent to his phone, and he/she will not even realize that you are listening to his/her conversation with other.

Hack other apps– other than WhatsApp hack you can also hack facebook, Viber, snap chat, kik or telegram whichever the victim uses. That means double benefit; see what they do on other apps secretly. Download any image or videos that the person posts on these apps and save it on your device.

After reading the beneficial features of FreePhoneSpy, you can move on to the decision of using it. Those who wanted to know how to hack WhatsApp messages without access the phone of a target, hope got the answer. The only way to spy someone without their phone is to use a spy app, most probably with FreePhoneSpy they can use to get their purpose done in right way. You can do it without any difficulty, and no obstacles will come during spying.

What are you supposed to do before WhatsApp hack

Before hacking WhatsApp account of anyone, you must know few things. First thing is to know how to spy? You know the answer that is via FreePhoneSpy. The second thing is from where to get FreePhoneSpy? Get it from any online store like play store, apple store, etc. third, know how to download? Downloading is very easy. You just have to click on download option. Isn’t that simple! Install and start using it. But, few things you are forgetting and that are reviews, policies, and certificates of an app. eventually these things make any app different from others. Just because few apps get less rating and have bad reviews, a user changes their mind and uses any other app to hack WhatsApp messages.

Ratings are given by the experts who analyze the features and functionality of any app. good ratings that is 4 out of 5 or 3 out of 5 attracts the user, and thus they download it because they know they are a good application. But any app with a bad rating is just ignored by the users. When it comes to ratings, FreePhoneSpy has received good ratings from the experts.

Reviews are also another factor which user considers before downloading the application. Because they trust that an experienced user will never tell a lie and on reading them they get the idea about the working and difficulties that they may have to face while using it. And FreePhoneSpy is also good in this matter; users are satisfied with its features. FreePhoneSpy offers numerous benefits and stands on the consumer expectation. You can trust on it.

Why download FreePhoneSpy?

  • It is a trustworthy app; rely on it to get complete information about the victim.
  • It is certified that means you are not using an illegal app.
  • It is protected that means no virus or malware can affect the device.
  • It provides easy accessibility of victim’s Smartphone.
  • Keep your information safe on the control panel via password. Only you can log in, and nobody else can open your account on a control panel.
  • Access your account anytime from anywhere.
  • Available on play store, no need to search for long.

Download & Install FreePhoneSpy

How can hacking WhatsApp messages benefit you

Hacking is not assumed as a good activity, but hacking your loved one’s account can keep them safe. Most people are connected via WhatsApp, and for them, it is the primary source of communication nowadays. Even kids have smartphones, and they use WhatsApp. Almost everyone from shopkeeper to delivery boy, managers, officers, students, teachers use WhatsApp. And whoever is on your contact list of a phone can contact you on WhatsApp. Some people just send fake messages, inappropriate content to irritate others. Maybe this is fun for them, but it can seriously affect the life of others. Thus to save your beloved friends and family, you must know what they do on WhatsApp.

And the only way is to read their chat is to spy on them, FreePhoneSpy is your guide for that. It is of great importance for parents to spy on their teens mobile. Teenagers are very fond of using new apps, and slowly they become addicted to it. You may have seen that teens play or chat on their phones till late. Whatever they do online can harm them in some or other ways. Talking till late night can have an adverse impact on their health; it is not good for their eyes and brain.

When they are online, they must be chatting or sharing with their friends, and maybe you are not aware of them. Children have the habit of lying when they know parents will scold them. Hence maybe they are in trouble just because their friends are playing the prank on them using WhatsApp or any other sites. It can disturb them, and they will not be able to concentrate on studies. Hack WhatsApp messages from their account and know what the problem is.

By hacking WhatsApp account of your spouse or employees, you can find out whether they are doing something wrong or not. A person’s behavior can easily be judged the way they talk to others. They may not misbehave with you when they are in public, but maybe they send you or your loved ones awkward messages to harm them. Catch all such person once you hack WhatsApp messages from your friends or beloved one’s cell phone.

Finally, by reading features of FreePhoneSpy and how it helps you in hacking WhatsApp messages one can say that it is a good app. now hacking of WhatsApp has become accessible through these spy software. Hack Whatsapp messages for fun or to know what your friends do with their account. Read their messages along with the date on which they were sent or received, find out more things like shared images or videos on WhatsApp using the best spy software that is FreePhoneSpy.



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