10 Best Parental Guidance Apps for iPhone and Android

10 Best Parental Guidance Apps for iPhone and Android

The 10 Best Parental Guidance Apps for iPhone and Android

Technical addiction is a very serious problem for kids and adults. Sometimes the kids are communicating with strangers without your knowledge. In this case, good parental control software can assists you in monitoring your child activities that can harm them. Some of the most general types of monitoring include app blocking, location tracking, web content filtering, and time management.

The 10 Best Parental Guidance Apps for iPhone and Android
The 10 Best Parental Guidance Apps for iPhone and Android

If these things are your big concern, so you can choose the good parental control application which helps you to save your child from online harassment or cyberbullying.

The Best Parental Guidance Apps

#1 FreePhoneSpy

Smart devices are good gadgets but it is not every time good for children especially when they don’t understand about good side and bad side related to it. The disadvantages of internet and misuse of mobile phones can damage your kid’s life both physically and mentally. So, being a parent you should know about your child life. The simple way to oversee your kid’s activity is provided by FreePhoneSpy app. This app helps parents to monitor their kid’s activities by tracking their phone. Get the software and record their time to time information including text messages, calls, and location of the device.

The FreePhoneSpyApp have various useful features and tools in it. The range of services helps you monitor your kid’s activity. If you want to use this app, click on this link (

#2 Family time spy app

This app allows you to oversee your kid’s activities. The parents can track their kid’s location, text messages, call history and many more. This application provides some features to set bedtimes and homework time, or merely restricts the total time that child waste on their phones. They also support time to time alerts and location tracking. You can control or block any application and keep an eye on the history of calls.

#3 Qustodio spy app

This is a user-friendly app, excellent and efficient for parents. It provides the dashboards that record all the recent activities of mobile for any connected device. The information about specific services like twitter or Instagram is also recorded. Parental control software is used for managing the devices for a child of multiple ages.

#4 ESET parental control spy app

This app is easy to use but it can only access with android devices. The free version offers time limits on games, basic reporting, and app blocking. The premium version provides you for location tracking, parental messaging, website blocking, and many recorded reports about your activities of kids.

#5 Web watch spy app

If you need to put a tab on your kids messaging, including photos, history of calls, current location, deleted texts, and photos then this may be a useful app for you. Web watcher helps you to interact with your Childs app activities including whatsapp, Viber, Kik, and tinder. You can also restrict the time and even capture information about your child’s phone screen. Because it works on stealth mode so it wants some security permissions which are very invasive, so the user should check it properly before considering it.

#6 Norton family premier

Norton spy app is a way for monitoring and restricting your child’s behavior online. It offers various kinds of features to parents and it is easy to manage the activities. It is the most useful feature for web robust supervision; it allows you to restrict a visited site or block sites. It offers you text messages logging and monitoring, but only on android devices. It is available at very low cost but with limited features and it is an only supports windows application.

#7 Zift/net nanny

It has good web filtering technology. It can help you to track your kid’s location, their real location history, and timer allowances and equally manage on both platforms. The only thing about this app is it can’t be accessed on a Smartphone for monitor texts or calls. This app provide web filtering which provides safety to children from suicide-related, and other objectionable content.

#8 SpyZee spy app

The parent can easily restrict the child’s device remotely through SpyZee spy app. It allows various features that let you provide all the information related to the child’s device. You can set the schedule restrictions and manage the limitations of your Childs time simply. You can also block any software on the child’s phone to customize its use. The SpyZee helps the parent to monitor all the recent activities of the child and record all the information on the control panel using the internet.

#9 Family orbit spy app

The family orbit provides an easy and rapid monitoring on your kid’s location and activities of a phone. This provides parental monitoring and service of supervision software. Their tools provide you to oversee everything from pictures to the current location, apps history, calls history, and more. To track the target device, sign in and add your kid’s account to family orbit spy app account. After the software installed on kids device, you can start monitoring and tracking immediately.

#10 Kid’s lock

This app is used for blocking apps, internet history and web filters content with ease. The parents can monitor their browser history including blocking to internet access, and block in purchase the apps.

How to choose the best spy app

There are various spy and monitoring software available that allow the user to secretly and directly track the devices possessed by others. Usually, these applications are developed for monitoring child and employee activity. Parents can follow these applications to oversee the offline and online activities of their children to prevent them from cyberbullying and harassment. However, the abundance of software has made it inappropriate to choose better spy software for computer and Smartphone.

What makes the spy software best

Two sides can highlight the necessity of surveillance application. The first one is its features and the other is its price. Make sure you select an application that provides the advanced features without charging a heavy amount. There are some high tech software for iPhone and android that can be suggested to parents and business managers such as FreePhoneSpy app

We have some features of the advanced spy app for mobile phones and computers. Look at it and make sure the application offers you these all features to supervise all aspects of your children.

Track messengers and social media app

The high tech software let you hack on social media sites and instant messengers. The software like FreePhoneSpy app lets you hack on Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, line telegram, Kik, yahoo messenger, Facebook, Skype, tumbler and snapchat. You can easily track the conversation via this software and record every social media activity. Also, this app provides information about voice calls.

Live to surround monitoring

The spy app does not only provide the track facility but it also informs you what happens in child’s phone. It can supervise the activities of real life. You can know easily where your kids are and what are they doing. It also operates the back and front camera of the child’s phone. To listen to the conversations, you can turn on the microphone feature on your child’s phone.

Screen recording

The highest tech application lets you record everything appears on the screen of your kid’s phone. You can easily see what your child is seeing and reading or what your kid is typing on the tracked phone. You can also take screenshots and make short videos on the kid’s phone.

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