Best Employee GPS Tracking App for Android

Best Employee GPS Tracking App for Android
Best Employee GPS Tracking App for Android
Review: Best Employee GPS Tracking App for Android


These were the best 3 apps for tracking the employee’s exact location. Choosing one may be tough as each has good tracking features.

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3 Best Employee GPS Tracking App For Android

Business whose most of the task depends on traveling or transit and reaching to client site very often should be careful about where their employees are going. Cleaning company, construction business, landscaping, and delivery business are among these. They send their staff or some key members from the staff to visit the site and monitor everything. The on-field employee has given serious responsibilities. Hence their presence on site is very important as they work as a representative of the business. But often employer worries about them as they don’t reach on-site and convey irregular messages.

Their ignorance or carelessness can cost huge to the business. Therefore, tracking becomes important for the employer. But not all tools are efficient in keeping a check over their location. However, our readers are lucky that today they will know about the best app for tracking the GPS location of their employees. Check out the list of best apps to manage your crew without affecting your business’s performance.

Ways for employee GPS tracking



Among all, free phone spy stands at the top because of its unique features. The phone is best for employers as the app doesn’t steal personal information without the user’s permission. A user can give permission to the apps and features of a device he wishes to check. Simply turn on the GPS and know whether your employee is on the field during working hours or not. Internet connection should be turned on for its working. The app has to be placed on their device. You must be thinking that every user uses the different devices so would it work on all devices or only on specific mobile phones.

The FreePhoneSpy is the latest and advanced app that is compatible with all mobile phones. Samsung, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbians, Mac, and Windows users can use it. The useful features of free phone spy let you do more. Moreover, tracking locations of an employee is not against their privacy only when the users know about it. You must have to inform your employees before installing the app on their device. Tell them what all information will be tracked by you. If it is only their location during working hours then it’s completely okay to use the app. But don’t gather any personal details of the employees without their consent.

On the other hand, if you are using the app for the personal issue then the app comes with a hidden feature. Get the app on the device and collect essential information you wish to know. Here is a few given type of information that you can collect using this app.

In addition to this, you can have a track record of their calls and messages. The app allows you to save them without their permission. Moreover, you can listen to the voice in the background using its ambient recording feature. Such features are good for monitoring kids and anyone in your friend circle or family. Only complete a few simple steps and the app will start working on these features.

Now, you are ready to get details of the device and its user. But remember to hide the application otherwise target will identify the installation of FreePhoneSpy into their device. Unlike another app, it has wide compatibility and useful features. Good thing is that the app is not expensive even if it is good for employees to use. Unlike business applications, it is for everyone and even an ordinary user can utilize all the benefits of a spy app.


If you don’t like FreePhoneSpy then switch to another app for time tracking of your employee. Hubstaff is an advanced application that offers GPS location accurately. It works with Geofencing features that mean you can decide how far you need to track the employees. Hubstaff informs whenever the employees go out from that boundary. The app is known for both simple monitoring and powerful management of the device. You can keep track of mobile fleets and your staff with this app. This is an all-business tool as it includes a feature like automatic reporting, productivity monitoring, and payroll integrations.

Moreover, you can check the time that your employees spend within an office location and on the client site. This will give a clear picture of how your employee spends their time. In addition to this, you can set a timer that gets on and off at the set time. This will give peace of mind to your employees that their data is recorded only when the timer is on. IOS and Android users can use it without worrying about compatibility.

Timesheet mobile

It is a remote application that works on the time and location of the employees. It syncs their device with you and gives you real-time information at the portal. It informs you about every particular moment of the employees. Using this app you can notice their punch in and out information. This starts automatically when they enter the office and turns off when they depart. Moreover, you can notice their location outside the office. If you have given them vehicles for work purpose then the app can track the mileage and report it to you. However, there is a different charge for tracking their punches and company subscription.


So, these were the best 3 apps for tracking the employee’s exact location. Choosing one may be tough as each has good features. But if you compare on price and advanced features then FreePhoneSpy is best. Moreover, it is not only meant for employee tracking but also parental control. This is why it has millions of users who are depending upon the app for the security of their kids.