7 ways to track a cell phone location

7 Ways To Track A Cell Phone Location

Learn 7 ways to track a location of cell phone for free

For one becoming the parent of a child not only brings lots of happiness but also too much worries during their growth age. It is true that growing kid need proper care and complete supervision particularly at today’s time of digitalization as they are highly prone to get trapped in the trap of technology’s hidden and open dangers. Mostly it is seen that when kids are scolded by the parents and are asked the question about their day to day activities, they take it to their ego and stop sparing time with their parents. Here come mandatorily the needs for spying on their activities to protect them from big dangers.

Learn 7 ways to track a location of cell phone for free
Learn 7 ways to track a location of cell phone for free

But a question comes that how to do that. The technology has invented many tracking tools. Today many best tracking tools have come up in the market that let you track kid’s location and cellular activities for free. To get all the details about the tracking tool to read the article.

Here are 7 ways on tracking phone location for free

Way 1: FreePhoneSpy

Way 1: FreePhoneSpy
Way 1: FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy helps one in remotely tracking and monitoring cellular activities. It is known to be the ultimate mobile tracking tool for all OS like iOS and Android. It is having many good features to offer like WhatsApp tracking, SMS and call logs hacking, GPS location tracking. This app today is having about 95% of customer satisfaction and positive reviews and of course high rating. It is one of the best spy tools that are providing complete safety and security to others particularly the underage children.

Features of FreePhoneSpy

  • Easily monitors phone calls with date, time and duration
  • block unwanted apps there at kids device
  • View all the internet history activities by scanning the URL website and bookmarks
  • Access the text messages and multimedia files and IM apps for safeguarding kids against online spammers
  • It is a good tool for tracking GPS location and if in case the phone is lost, through this app all data will be deleted remotely

To download and use the app you can take the help of URL address (

Way 2: AppTracker

Way 2: AppTracker
Way 2: AppTracker


It is another cell phone location app and is the best parental control app for Smartphone that runs on iOS and Android OS. Getting involved with this tracking tool a user can easily do the tracking of the device location for free. Apart from location tracking, one can also do other operations like internet history spying, application usage spying, calls, and SMS spy. Use this app to protect the kids from all types of dangers, threats, and blackmail.

Some features to know

  • Tracking the phone location with this app is really easier.
  • Monitoring the internet activities is possible with this tracking tool and will display all information of web browser on the dashboard.
  • The installation process and configuration is easier.
  • Harmful content like porn can be blocked easily.
  • Remotely monitoring how kids are using the device is a lot easier and sees all installed apps.

Way 3: TheTruthSpy

Way 3: TheTruthSpy
Way 3: TheTruthSpy


This is another app that is listed among the best cell phone location tracking tools for various OS. This mobile monitoring tool is compatible and can be easily installed on any OS within a few minutes and is fully undetectable so remotely kid’s activities can be accessed through any device without letting target to know.

Look at its features

  • It is an undetectable app and is tamper proof so it allows you in viewing and controlling all activities remotely.
  • Send the notification of SIM card change automatically.
  • It completely tracks the GPS location of the victim with full details.
  • A hacker cam easily monitors the available multimedia files like photos, videos, GIFs, etc.
  • It gives full access to the installed app, SMS and calls history.
  • The tracking tool is effective at tracking the social media app like Instagram, Viber, Facebook, Skype, etc.
  • It is supporting the Android version 2.1-7.0 and iOS OS version 6.0 – 10.2.

Way 4: Norton family premier


This tracking tool is an award-winning mobile phone monitoring and parental control app that is offering a wide variety of mobile monitoring system. It is also offering a free trial for about a month so that you can make the right decision of its purchasing. It is the best protection tool for kids against online predators and hackers as it accurately shows the potential dangers and informs it at the earliest.

Special features to know

  • Provides full peace as it easily blocks the inappropriate site for the child and keeps fully informed about sites visited.
  • It helps in seeing the total time spent on internet activities.
  • A hacker can check that for how many time a particular app is used.
  • It easily protects the sensitive data available on the Smartphone and not let the kid send it to another person.
  • It is having a user-friendly interface that is making it easier to use and make changes in setting from anywhere and at any time.

Way 5: SpyZee


If you are greatly tensed or are worried about the kid’s presence /location, then using this app can help you a lot in easily tracking and protecting the kid. It is easy to download and install and creates a secure user account from where you can access all the data of the kids like location tracking, internet usage. This app has got an award because of excellent feedback from the clients.

Look at its features

  • Through this app, a user can easily and completely spy on the GPS location of the victim in real time.
  • All the internet activities like URLs visited and lets a hacker in viewing full details that when and for how much time the site was accessed.
  • It allows the time restrictions and gives the hacker the Geo-fencing alerts.
  • the special feature of the app like easy locking and unlocking of the phone and easy erase of data at the emergency case is making it the right choice.

Way 6: Track through android device manager


With the help of the android device manager, a hacker can do the tracking of the location of the cell phone freely. This feature is an in-built and allows you in tracking the android device location easily and fully. It with Google Account is working effectively. The basic requirements of this tool are-

  • A good internet connection
  • Connect it with the Google account
  • enable the android device manager

Steps to follow

  • Adjoin the Google account with Android OS and enable it
  • Sign in with the Google account and in the online control panel, check the device activities
  • Search the phone with android device manager and get options for locking, erasing and alerting sound on the phone

Way 7: Use family GPS tracker


The family GPS tracker is the flexible GPS tracker for Android OS that let you in tracking the dearest one. This app provides you the sense of safety and reliability with respect to the accurate results by providing the details about the dearest one. This app is having a feature of chatting with kids and spouse if faces any troubles.

Pros of the app

  • It allows the user to check the real-time location.
  • A user can track the location history of the victim, the phone completely.


These are the methods that you can use for tracking the cell phone location for free and will give you fruitful results that you actually expect from it.

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